Samsung has already revealed some secrets of the DDR6 RAM memory

The memory DDR5 RAM recently launched, but has become more expensive, went out without a trace, etc … All in just over a week. In order to take advantage of the “hype” surrounding the new super-fast storage technology for computer devices, Samsung decided to go public and demonstrate a little of what it is developing in its laboratories.

We’re talking about DDR6, GDDR7 and HBM3 memories.

Samsung has already revealed some secrets of the DDR6 RAM memory


At the recent Samsung Tech Day, the South Korean giant presented and detailed some of its innovations for the future of computers. That said, if you think DDR5 RAM has a lot going for it in the near future … Well, DDR6 RAM is going to be an even bigger beast.

At the end of the day, we’ll have DDR6 RAM memory kits that can hit 17,000 MT / s, double what current DDR5 chips can deliver at their maximum expected potential. In addition to the pure and hard speed, the number of channels per module should double from 2 to 4 compared to the DDR5 memory (with DDR4 RAM we only had 1 single channel).

Forgetting about DDR6 memory, we also learned that Samsung is already preparing to launch LPDDR5X chips with speeds of up to 8,500 MT / s, with production scheduled to start in early 2022. However, LPDDR6 chips should go hand in hand with DDR6 memory, at exactly the same speed but 20% less power consumption.

In short, the standard shouldn’t be finalized until 2024, with a few more years ahead of us before it’s mass adoption. But one thing is certain, the greats in the world of memory do not lean against the shadow of the banana tree. The world of technology doesn’t stop there.

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