Samsung Freestyle: the new projector that is also a smart TV

Smart projectors are slowly becoming popular. In fact, they are very useful devices. They are usually compact and have the advantage of combining a wall projector with a complete multimedia system. The most famous brands in this area are Xiaomi with their Xiaomi Mi Smart Projector and Anker, although it is not that popular here. Now Samsung wants to secure a share in this market and presented the Samsung Freestyle at CES 2022.

Samsung Freestyle: the new projector that is also a smart TV

According to Samsung, the Freestyle is “a projector, a smart speaker and an ambient lighting system, all in one lightweight, portable device”. It weighs 830 grams and has a system that allows it to rotate 180 degrees. Samsung says it will be powered through a standard USB PD connection. This applies as long as charging at 50 W / 20 V (or higher) is supported by the adapter or battery. However, there doesn’t seem to be an internal battery. Unlike other systems on the market, Freestyle is definitely intended for use indoors and near a power source.

Samsung Freestyle

The rotatable design allows you to easily switch between projection on walls and ceilings. Similar to other devices, however, it can detect the angle of the projection surface and adjust the image as needed to avoid distortion. Samsung says it can project images up to 100 inches in size, but there is no mention of brightness. This is usually the point at which these systems “fail”. That said, it was interesting to know the skill.

The software experience should be the same as that of Samsung smart TVs. That means we have built-in streaming apps and streaming capabilities from Android and iOS devices. An intelligent loudspeaker mode is available as well as a light effect.

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