Samsung already has a TV remote that charges … From Wi-Fi!

Samsung has already announced its new line of TVs for 2022 where one of the big news isn’t even improving the picture quality … It is the introduction of the new Eco commands. That they can apparently get energy from the sun, but also from radio waves!

So if you hate putting batteries in control of your TV. Perhaps it is time to buy a Samsung TV and forget about this problem.

Samsung already has a TV remote control that charges … From Wi-Fi!

TV command

Hence the new one Samsung eco remote control is able to get energy from the radio waves present in your home, where it is natural we can capture the waves emitted by the Wi-Fi router.

Are you aware of the burden this command puts on? Well, according to Samsung, this RF charging allows you to fully charge the remote whether you’re watching TV day and night or constantly pressing the buttons. We are basically talking about an infinite battery.

However, if you think that Samsung has cut the functions in order to keep the battery high, you are very wrong. Despite the minimalist design (and the obvious use of recycled materials), is that still a microphone for voice control as well as all of the normal functions that Samsung has made us used to its smart TVs.

Besides, what do you think of all of this? Enthusiastic about this new “fashion” of infinite battery controllers? Please let us know what you think in the comments below.

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