Sam and Snezana Wood are expecting their third baby kidspot together

The couple also revealed the gender of their new baby in a cute video of their two youngest daughters kissing their mother’s tummy.

Sam and Snezana Wood have announced that they are expecting a third baby together.

The previous one Bachelor star and his wife have another baby girl.

The Melbourne couple announced the precious news on Instagram with cute snaps of Snezana’s belly and a video of their daughters kissing their baby bumps.

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“Our family is turning six”

Sam and Snez fell in love in the third season of the Bachelor in 2015 and have two daughters, Willow (4) and Charlie (2).

Snezana also has a 16-year-old daughter Eve from a previous relationship, so Sam is outnumbered in her house with another girl.

Snezana shared snapshots of her baby bump to announce the news with the caption, “We are delighted to announce that we are expecting another little girl. Baby number 4. “

While Sam shared a video of the beaming parents telling their two youngest girls that they are going to have another baby.

“Our ‘little’ family will be 6 years old with another little girl !!! We told Eve a few weeks ago, but swipe over to see when we got the news to the little girls this morning, ”Sam wrote.

In the video, the girls are squealing with excitement and kissing their unborn baby sister.

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