(Rumor) iPhone 14 will have USB-C !? Like this!?

Despite the best efforts by industry and market regulators, Apple has never had much fun with USB-C, at least in its line of smartphones, the iPhone. All because … there’s lots, lots of money to be made selling Lightning cables and peripherals.

However, it seems that Apple will even give up this fight to avoid billions of dollars in fines from the European Commission. (European Union wants USB-C in everything! Now iPhone?)

iPhone 14 goes

So it seems that the iPhone 14 already has a USB-C connector instead of the old proprietary Lightning connector.

(Rumor) iPhone 14 will have USB-C !? Like this!?

Therefore, none other than the well-known “leaker” of the Apple world, Jon Prosser, from the FPT YouTube channel, who came forward with the information. We have to emphasize that a “leaker” has not been wrong in his statements over the past two years, especially when it comes to Apple’s plans. (Video above)

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