RTX 3090 Ti: Confirmed! The new superboard arrives on the 27th!

What has not been missing in the last few months have been rumors about a new super powerful graphics card in NVIDIA’s GeForce RTX 30 series. We are of course talking about the RTX 3090 Ti, based on the fully unlocked GA102 GPU, accompanied by even faster GDDR6X memory.

RTX 3090 Ti: Confirmed! The new superboard arrives on the 27th!

3090 Ti:

Therefore, the RTX 3090 Ti obviously becomes even more powerful than the current RTX 3090 by using the fully unlocked GA102 GPU. A badge that will most likely be just as rare (and expensive) and that is slated to hit the market on January 27th. How do we know? Well … an MSI ‘leak’ confirmed the release date in the last few hours.

However, this card is expected to be announced at CES 2022 in early January.

As for the overall specifications, we’re talking about a graphics card based on the GA102-350 GPU with 84 SMs, 10752 CUDA cores, 336 TMUs, 24 GB GDDR6X memory at 21 Gbit / s on a 384-bit bus, which means should be plenty of width of an incredible 1008 GB / s bandwidth.

In terms of consumption, the TBP increased to 450W. Which, in turn, can cause the miners to move away from the plate. But … since NVIDIA shouldn’t be limiting its hashrate, it is very likely that it will end in record time to undermine Ethereum.

Besides, what do you think of all of this? Interested in NVIDIA’s new board?

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