Rounds, date, costumes and more about Season 6

Update (11/23/2021): In a very special “stream” Mediatonic revealed the further details of the new rounds, the date, the mechanics and the costumes of Jin Sakai (Spirit of Tsushima) and Sackboy (Small big planet) of the circus season 6 of Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout, “Spectacular Party”.

What is the start date of Season 6 of Fall guys?

The ‘spectacular party’ of Fall guys starts on Tuesday, November 30th, 2021.

New costumes Spirit of Tsushima and Small big planet

A costume by Jin Sakai, protagonist of Spirit of Tsushima, and another from ‘The Phantom’ will be an exclusive part of ‘Road to Fame’ from. be Fall guys in season 6.

For his part, Sackboy – star of the series Small big planet– It will be a costume that we have at a special event by. can get Fall guys that will take place between December 1st and 5th, 2021.

New rounds of the 6th season of Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout

The new rounds, which will have new obstacles and mechanics like windpipes and trapezoids, will be the following:

  • Party glove
  • Full slope
  • Pipe dream
  • Airtime
  • Guiding light

At the time of this writing, we do not know the official names of the rounds in Spanish. You can see them in action in the trailer below.

Original note (11/18/2021)

the Jungle season from Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout It’s in the final stages and that means we’re already getting information about Season 6, including the start date and the first costumes.

The new season is called SPECTACULAR PARTY. As you can see in the first promotional image at the top of this note, it is going to have a circus theme.

This season also introduces “Crossover Progress” between PC and PS4. To use this feature we need to link an Epic Games account to the game.

The date of the new season with new rounds, costumes and surprises will be presented in a special presentation on. announced Tuesday, November 23, 2021, 12:00 p.m. (Colombian time). We can see it on the game’s official channel on YouTube.

Until that date, we can enjoy an event where we earn twice as much praise for playing. Perfect to end the Season 5 Pass.

Fall Guys: Season 6 theme, date and first costumes

What are the costumes for season 6 of Fall guys?

Mediatonic has revealed the first four costumes of the season on their social networks:

boxing glove

Circus seal


Fall Guys: Season 6 theme, date and first costumes


We’ll share with you more information on Season 6 of the game when it is officially revealed.

Source: official game accountor On twitter

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