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Ronald David Wood was born on June 1, 1947 in Hillingdon, Middlesex, England. The main source of Ronnie’s fame and popularity around the world and his fortune is his membership in the famous band The Rolling Stones since 1975. Before joining the Rolling Stones, Ronnie was a member of The Faces and the Jeff Beck group.

How rich is the famous rock star Ronnie Wood? Sources recently estimated that Ronnie Wood’s total net worth was up to $ 90 million, all of which came from his career in the music industry.


Ronnie Wood net worth of $ 90 million


Ronnie Wood grew up in Yiewsley, United Kingdom and was a student at St Stephen’s Infant School, St Matthew’s Church of England Primary School and Evelyn’s Secondary Modern School Yiewsley. In 1964, Ronnie decided to start a career in the music industry. That year he joined the band The Birds, where Ronnie appeared as guitarist. He later joined The Creation, but it wasn’t long before Ronnie decided to leave. In 1967 Wood joined the Jeff Beck Group, where he began to play bass. The group released two albums called Truth and Beck-Ola. Neither the band nor the albums brought Ronnie fame and success, and two years later the band stopped performing.

Along with Rod Stewart, another member of the band, Ronnie wanted to continue pursuing a career in the music industry. They decided to join The Faces, the band that became known across Europe as well as the UK. First Step, The Faces’ debut album, was released in 1970. It certainly helped Ronnie grow his fortune. The band decided to split up soon after, however, and then the time came for Ronnie to start his own solo career. I`ve Got My Own Album to Do was released in 1974 and was a key to his career when Ronnie was then invited to join the Rolling Stones to replace Mick Taylor and the band soon became the main source of The Fortune Of Ronnie Wood. Wood has been an official member of the Rolling Stones since 1975, but during that time Ronnie continued to perform as a solo artist, and those two careers have helped Ronnie grow his overall fortune. Starting in 1975, some of Ronnie’s productions were released: Now Look and Gimme Some Neck. In 1989 Ronnie was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Ronnie’s other studio albums include 1234, Slide on This, Not for Beginners, and I Feel Like Playing. Ronnie’s discography also includes some live albums: Live at the Ritz with Bo Diddley, Slide on Live: Plugged in and Standing, Live and Eclectic, Buried Alive: Live in Maryland, The First Barbarians: Live from Kilburn. Together with Ronnie Lane, Wood released a joint album called Mahoney’s Last Stand in 1976.

Ronnie Wood’s personal life was not improved by his periodic alcohol addiction and the resulting rehab sessions. Ronnie was married three times, first to Krissy Findlay (1971-78), with whom he has two children; then to Jo Karslake (1985-2011) and they have a son and a daughter; and finally Sally Humphries in 2012.


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