Ron Bugado | Meet 7 real B * bots

One of the most recent theatrical debuts is the latest animated film from 20th Century Studios, Ron Bugado, a sweet film and with a very valuable and important message about friendship. Suitable for those who liked Great heroic effort and Toy story, the film also brings an in-depth reflection on technology and the independence of electronic devices that limit social interaction with other people.

In the story we meet Barney (Jack Dylan Grazer) and Ron (Zach Galifianakis), two completely different beings. While Barney is an unusual and unsociable teenager who goes through all of the difficulties of high school, Ron is a B * Bot, a high-end robot created to be a “best friend outside of the box”. using the latest technology to discover and know everything about its owner and offer tailor-made company and entertainment.

Did you know that, like Ron, there are many clever gadgets out there that double as “real life B * Bots”? They might not even be a B * bot in and of themselves, but they are high tech and make our routines easier and more practical. Check out some of them made by. were selected Kanaltech.

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7. Xiaomi’s robot dog

(Image: Reproduction / Xiaomi)

The robot dog named Cyberdog was announced in August of this year and impressed with its futuristic and elegant design. In the launch presentation, the manufacturer revealed some of the capabilities of the technology bug, such as climbing and descending stairs, backflips, speeds of up to 11.5 km / h and much more. Developed to be a faithful companion of its owner, it also has three USB-C ports and an HDMI port, an Intel RealSense D450 camera and GPS.

6. Alexa

Alexa (Image: twenty20photos / Envato)

Alexa has to be the most popular digital assistant of late, and no wonder: With a subtle and elegant design and foldable in several versions with different functions, Amazon has developed a perfect company to inform you about weather forecast, memorial dates, traffic, play music, Tell jokes and if the user has other devices at home, turn on the lights and connect to the TV!

5. Zenbo from Asus

(Image: Reproduction / Asus)

This cute robot is almost a B * bot! His name is Zenbo, created by Asus with the aim of being a companion and helper for children, adults and seniors who are not 100% familiar with technical devices. One of the most interesting things about Zenbo is that it has features that are very similar to Alexa, that is, you can ask how to make your favorite dish, log into accounts, enter passwords, play music, and much more.

4. Aibo from Sony

(Image: Playback / Sony)

Sony also has its own robot dog, and his name is Aibo. Equipped with artificial intelligence, it is able not only to interact with humans, but also to learn from them: literally a pet, only technologically! It is able to change its behavior over time, depending on what its owners teach it. Unlike Xiaomi’s dog, Aibo has a cuter appearance and is very similar to a real puppy.

3. Amazon star

(Image: Reproduction / Amazon)

Amazon also has its own robot. Astro was announced in September 2021 and is a mixture of a mobile surveillance camera, information service and entertainment center on wheels. Although he has a hand very similar to a pet, this little robot works as a 24-hour security guard. With wheels he can walk around the house and film everything that happens in it and send the pictures live to their owners. The equipment has all the functions of Alexa, internet access and various capabilities.

2. Ballie from Samsung

(Image: Playback / Samsung)

This cute little yellow ball from Samsung is called Ballie, a tiny home robot equipped with high-end artist intelligence that can be a true luxury secretary (exactly, you read it!). This “yellow dot” that runs around your house can respond to commands and accompany its owners, all thanks to its discreet camera on the body. Samsung still has some plans for Ballie, like turning on the TV, opening curtains, and interacting with other beings indoors.

1. iRobot robotic vacuum cleaner

(Image: Playback / iRobot)

Is there anything more practical than making sure your home is always clean? The robotic hoovers have been a real boon for those who have a busy routine and usually stay outside the house all day keeping the places dust free and leaving their owners worry free. iRobot offers several models of these devices with floor detection variants, trash cans, brushes and more.

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