Roblox sues Youtuber Ruben Sim for “terrorist threats”

No title becomes one of the most popular games in the world without making enemies in the process. In the case of the RobloxOne of these “enemies” is Benjamin Robert Simon, a Youtuber better known as Ruben Sim, against whom he has filed a millionaire lawsuit.

Ruben Sim has been banned from the game for years for using racist and homophobic slurs, sexual harassment and trying to upload Nazi-themed pictures to the platform. Even so, you will continue to log in with accounts created by third parties.

Although these items are part of the demand for Roblox, are not the main reason for this. In October 2021, when the Roblox developer conference was being held in San Francisco, Ruben Sim posted a message on his Twitter account that the city police were looking for a “notable Islamic extremist” who was found there. As a result, the conference was temporarily suspended while the police were investigating.

According to the organizers, the “joke” caused more than $ 50,000 in losses (nearly 200 million Colombian pesos).

The popular gaming platform Roblox has filed a lawsuit against Youtuber Benjamin Robert Ruben Sim Simon for terrorizing users and creators.

The lawsuit against Ruben Sim also mentions cases of selective harassment by the Youtuber against users and developers of Roblox. Because of this, the organization is calling for $ 1.6 million in redress. That’s more than 6,000 million Colombian pesos.

You can read the lawsuit here, courtesy of Polygon.

This case is another example of the game’s impossibility to stay away from the controversial headlines. It made headlines recently because a long downtime and for being accused of exploiting the work of minors.

Source: Polygon

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