Riot Games is committed to paying its victims of gender discrimination $ 100 million

Even if the sexual assault and harassment scandal at Activision Blizzard being the one who has flooded the headlines in the past few months, we can’t forget that similar cases are occurring at companies like Ubisoft and Riot Games. Recently a class action lawsuit against the makers of League of Legends came to its conclusion.

In 2018, after a Kotaku investigation into corporate sexist culture, former employees sued the study for sex discrimination, followed by an investigation by the state of California. This case ended on Monday, December 27, 2021. Riot Games agreed to pay $ 100 million to its victims of gender discrimination. That’s nearly 4 billion Colombian pesos. 80% of this money goes to the victims and the rest is used for legal costs.

It should be noted that the company had already reached an alleged settlement with plaintiffs for only $ 10 million in 2019, but this was blocked by the state government. All women who have worked for the study since November 2014 benefit.

As part of the settlement of the gender discrimination lawsuit, Riot Games also agreed to implement labor reforms. This includes the commitment to greater transparency in employee payroll accounting. Riot is monitored by a third party for three years to ensure that it is fulfilling its obligations.

The study made the news known to its employees through an internal statement. In doing so, they accept that despite their good intentions, they have not always lived up to their values. They say they will not only deny problems or correct course, but will build a better riot and take responsibility for the past. They hope this agreement will help those who have had a negative experience working for them.

Source: The Washington Post

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