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Richard Ray Rawlings was born on March 30, 1969 in Fort Worth, Texas, USA, and is a television personality, racing driver, mechanic and businessman. Richard is known for his appearances on the reality TV show “Fast N ‘Loud” (2012 – present) and as the winner of the Gumball 3000 rally. He also owns Gas Monkey Live, Gas Monkey Bar N ‘Grill, and Gas Monkey Garage.

How rich is Richard Rawlings at the end of 2017? Authoritative sources estimate that his net worth is $ 20 million, with the two main sources being his doing business and television appearances. He was reported to make $ 50,000 per episode of the reality show “Fast N ‘Loud” (2012 – present) which airs on Discovery Channel. His career began in the 1990s.


Richard Rawlings is worth $ 20 million


Raised in Fort Worth, the boy became interested in racing and building cars from an early age. His father was a major influence on this hobby, which later turned into a successful career. When he was only 14, he bought his first car, a 1974 Mercury Comet, and was soon buying and selling cars, which was a pretty profitable business for a young man. After graduating from high school, Richard continued his auto business and started building cars. However, to make a living he had to do various other jobs, including as a police officer, firefighter and paramedic. He later founded the Lincoln Press advertising and printing company, which grew his fortune and gave him the opportunity to continue his career as a car maker.

Rawlings subsequently sold his printing / advertising company to start Gas Monkey Garage; The company makes cars for customers all over the world, and these unique cars are also transported to customers. The reality show “Fast N ‘Loud” (2012 – present) focuses on the work in this garage, with the show’s main stars being Richard Rawlings and Aaron Kaufman; They look for broken, shabby cars to buy, restore, and sell. The show triumphed from the first season and is still broadcast with high ratings, so that the spin-off show entitled “Misfit Garage” (2014 – today) was launched. Rawling’s net worth continues to grow.

In 2013, Gas Monkey Bar N ‘Grill opened, a live music bar and restaurant on Technology Boulevard in East Dallas, Texas, USA. That bar and restaurant also made Richard’s fortune significantly. Gas Monkey Live was also launched a year later.

Richard is also a racing driver in transcontinental road rallies and winner of the Bullrun and Gumball 3000. Rawlings set the record at the Cannonball Run in 2007, and to date no one has broken it: he made it the 2,811 miles from New York to Los Angeles with an average speed of 87.6 mph – in 31 hours and 59 minutes.

In his personal life, Richard Rawlings states that he is single. Not much information is revealed about his personal life, and that is not what he reveals in his autobiography, published in 2015 – “Fast N ‘Loud: Blood, Sweat and Beers”.

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