(Review) Razer Barracuda X Quartz: Wireless 4-in-1? Yes and no.

Today we have to review the wireless headphones that were recently launched Razer Barracuda X (Link), in this special case the quartz version (pink). A peripheral that, to be honest, has multiple personalities! After all, it was developed for convenient use at home, when playing on the PC or on the console, but also for use on the street, for listening to music on the smartphone and again for use on consoles, in this case on Nintendo Switch.

Like this? Well, they’re 4-in-1 wireless headphones that can be used in anything this way, as long as you have the USB-C dongle on hand. That is their greatest advantage and at the same time their greatest disadvantage.

Let’s do it gradually.

(Analysis) Razer Barracuda X Quartz: Wireless 4 in 1? Yes and no.

Barracuda X

So while the rest of the Razer headphone range screams for GAMING, like Razer Nari, Kraken and Blackshark, these new Barracuda X’s with a more “normal” design are trying to go a little unnoticed.

BTW, it’s easy to say they’re following a path more similar to the Razer Opus, with some audio technologies from the same rather casual product. Yes, because despite the “normal” look we have hidden a lot of technology here, such as the 40mm TriForce drivers, 2.4 GHz HyperSpeed ​​connectivity, 20 hours of battery life and, in my opinion, above all a design that offers incomparable comfort. It is always a pleasure to use these headphones for several hours, whether while playing or just relaxing and listening to quiet music.

Technical specifications:

  • Wireless: Yes – Razer HyperSpeed ​​(we don’t have bluetooth)
  • driver: 40mm TriForce
  • Connectivity: 2.4 GHz and cable
  • frequency: 20 ~ 20,000 Hz
  • HyperClear microphone (detachable)
  • 7.1 Surround
  • Drums: 20 hours
  • weight: 250 g
  • price: 69 ~ 99 €

Barracuda X

Wireless? Yes indeed! But at the same time no. This part could be so much better.

Barracuda X

I can perfectly understand Razer’s goal when they chose 2.4GHz connectivity for a flawless experience. But … Bluetooth was the way to go. Or at least both functions in the same package.

In the end, having to carry an ‘adapter’ on the back ruins the user experience a bit in my opinion. After all, as you may know, the “wireless” component has not gained popularity because of its sound quality or connection reliability. ‘Wireless’ became popular because it was easier and more convenient to walk around with headphones on on the back.

Still, for $ 69 ~ $ 99 (depending on where you buy), these headphones really have a lot going for them. The ability to use on every possible and imaginary platform. With a lot of comfort in the mix and a weight of only 250g, they also have more pillows than the finest hotel in Lisbon.

Sound quality

Barracuda X

The Barracuda X is convincing here. Unfortunately, the volume isn’t the loudest ever. Even so, the sound quality is fine thanks to the use of Razer’s always excellent TriForce drivers.

Whether in the game where even the smallest step of your rival can be felt, or listening to quality music and vocals that will make your eardrums blow, the quality really is there. And with headphones, especially products of this type that have to adapt to completely different usage environments, it comes down to it.

It’s fantastic to see the separation between highs, mids and lows, with a bass that’s always ready to respond without getting caught in the middle of the other frequencies. It’s a great way to really immerse yourself in the game or just enjoy your homework or school trips as much as possible.

Unfortunately, there isn’t a lot to tinker with or customize, as we don’t have an app for the smartphone and these headphones are also not supported by the Razer Synapse.

Finally, in the area of ​​performance, we have to talk a little bit more about the microphone, which is not fantastic, but not bad either. It’s decent.


All in all, the Razer Barracuda X are a cool product in my opinion, especially when you can find them on top with some kind of discount. They could have been great if Razer hadn’t gone for the “dongle” and preferred bluetooth connectivity.

But at the current price, it’s hard to ask for much more.

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