(Review) Govee RGBIC: A High Quality, Smart RGB Ribbon!

In a world that is becoming more and more technological, there is now a flood of increasingly interesting and intelligent offers in the lighting market. In this particular case of “lights” we have introduced the smart alternatives (intelligent lighting) in place. There are offers from the simple luminaire to the most varied of formats to choose from.

That means we have the intelligent RGB tape Govee RGBIC in our hands today!

A high-quality RGB tape that shows that the world of lighting is becoming more and more attractive, intelligent and, in fact, more autonomous, with the integration of the Google Assistant’s virtual assistants and of course Apple’s Siri.


Well, even though I put the tape on the desk of my computer, which in turn is already loaded with RGB. The truth is we have it back in my setup a “wooow” effect that surprises everyone who is invited to this humble room.

Finally, the luminosity of this ribbon can breathe new life into your living room, bedroom or any other room in your home. Especially with the huge range of smart features it brings with it (thanks to the super complete app) and its quality and brightness.

Let’s do it gradually!

(Review) Govee RGBIC: A High Quality, Smart RGB Ribbon!


Well, here is one RGB tape that at first glance may seem like another on the market. Don’t be fooled by the “ordinary” design, however, magic only arises when you take the time to attach the tape to the point of use and install the branded application on your smartphone.

Therefore we have a pre-made adhesive that guarantees a lot of adhesion where it fits. Even allows assembly “to taste”. That way I can have parties with all sorts of lighting options, from options that respond to music to just being a backlight for relaxing or even concentration when I’m at home.

In terms of light intensity, even as a “simple band”, even when mounted under the PC desk, the whole room is included if the light is used to the full.


Govee RGBIC is fully customizable!

You can choose a light shade with an incredible temperature change and there are still 16 million colors to choose from. In addition, we have the option of connecting other branded tapes or devices and controlling everything at the same time in the same application.

In short, the Govee Home application gives us access to a wide range of functions for all tastes. Always with the ability to autonomously control.

We come now to the application!


Simply install the Govee Home app on your smartphone and you will have access to many functions after setup. You need to register and create an account. Note, however, that you must be connected to a 2.4 GHz WiFi network to start the configuration.

That means, after the setup you have access to countless scenarios, 4 music modes and of course the possibility to customize everything according to your wishes! Finally, you can find effects on the internet and upload them to this application.

You also have the option to set everything on a timer and leave everything as you wish and of course you can control everything with your virtual assistant.


(Review) Govee RGBIC: A High Quality, Smart RGB Ribbon!


In short, here we have a full quality intelligent RGB LED strip that can make other strips on the market almost “obsolete”. However, all of this has its price and here the one € 45.99 or € 59.99 depending on the size you choose.

So if, in my opinion, you are investing in RGB LED tape and want something of quality, you have to give Govee RGBIC a try. Not only does it have a great range full of color and brightness, but also all the features of the brand, including the virtual assistants, which are the most important point in everyday life for me. “Ok, Google”, “Lights on”.

What do you think of that? Please let us know what you think in the comments below.

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