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(Review) ENGWE EP-2 Pro: A good and cheap electric bike



Are you looking for an electric bicycle (e-bike) in the market? So it might be a good idea to see what ENGWE has to offer. It’s not a very well known brand on the market (yet) but to be honest it makes a very interesting bet, especially in terms of quality / price.

Nonetheless, today we are looking at the EP 2 Pro model, which in our opinion is a very interesting alternative to the best-selling models on the market, the Lectric XP 2.0 and RadMini 4 bikes.

(Review) ENGWE EP-2 Pro: A good and cheap electric bike (Price: € 860 with the voucher: Leakengw)

First of all, it is necessary to understand why this type of bicycle has gained popularity. Why do we see so many e-bikes now? Are they really that practical? Well … let’s try to understand!

These bikes are based on three core ideas: durability, ease of use and of course attractive prices. In addition, they are also a super fun and practical device for everyday use.

After all, anyone can jump on such a bike and ride off without a learning curve. Driving is very easy thanks to the “fat” 20-inch tires, which is of course essential for driving within the city.

It’s an electric bike with a 750W motor that folds up for easy storage! In other words, it is a well-known and tested alternative that has been one of the most popular options in the electric bike world for the past 5 years, to go to the center of the city, go to the mountains, etc … at the end of the day you can put it in the car or in any corner of your house. In addition, it’s a beautiful bike!

Technical specifications:

  • Price: 850 €
  • 3 in 1 bike
  • Class 3 (support with pedal and accelerator pedal)
  • 750W motor with 80nm torque
  • 615Wh battery (48V 12.8Ah) with a maximum speed of 45 KM / h and 60 KM autonomy.
  • 7 changes
  • 20 × 4 “tires
  • Weight: 30 kg
  • Holds up to 150 kg

Advantages and disadvantages

The advantages

In the area of ​​cons, we have to highlight the design of the bike, as well as its quality of construction. This e-bike can grab attention and at first glance doesn’t look like a battery-powered vehicle.

Then we also have to point out that the performance is really very satisfactory, at the maximum speed level it is impressive how the bike starts and continues to gain momentum. You’ll have a smile on your face when you hit the accelerator. (Nevertheless the acceleration is fluent!

In addition, the included screen is super simple and easy to read. By the way, it’s the theme of this bike, everything is simple, and luckily because everything is very easy to use.

Finally, on the subject of everyday life: the brakes are good, not as strong as the more expensive hydraulic brakes, but more than sufficient for the respective model. Here, too, the 20 “tires help us, which are suitable for every terrain and always offer a lot of grip.

The disadvantages

As for the cons, we have to take into account that it is a budget model, but the charging time is very important as it is a bit slow at around 6 hours for a full charge.

The autonomy varies greatly if you abuse level 5. However, if you want to focus a little on autonomy, it is a good idea to use the assistance of the pedals.

It’s a heavy bike, which is normal given its price. Since the brakes are heavy they have to work harder so even though they are good they make some noise.


The ENGWE EP 2 Pro is a very interesting bike for everyone who wants to get into the world of e-bikes. In other words, it’s a great choice for the first electric bike. We have a lot of comfort and functionality, combined with a very good price and a well-designed design.

However, if you are interested in buying it, you can buy it here, with the coupon: Leakengw.

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Squid Game: Netflix Needs To Make Changes!




Squid Game is hands down one of the most talked about series around the world, for good and bad reasons. On the one hand, it’s a fantastic South Korean production. On the other hand, it makes the educational community concerned about the impact it can have on children. In any case, nobody is indifferent. Even Netflix decided to make changes because of Squid Game. In practice, it has changed the way views and TV series are measured. Did you see the effect of a simple series well?

Squid Game: Netflix Needs To Make Changes!

Netflix has announced that it will be abandoning the two-minute-per-view metrics system it has used in recent years. That is, it takes into account the total viewing hours of a project, movie, or series in the first 28 days after its release.

That is, Netflix shows the total hours of actual viewing of movies and TV series.

While Squid Game had a huge impact on it, it’s not the first time it has happened. Before 2019, it was considered a preview when a person saw more than 70% of a project.

This series premiered on September 17 and ranks first in 97 territories, including the United States.

A success-story

Netflix must have imagined that the Squid Game series would be hugely successful, but they never thought it would spark a massive war that divides groups of parents and educators. Some parents feel that it is a series like any other and that they shouldn’t leave this Netflix because the parents have the task of controlling the children and not letting them see. On the other hand, parents and educators are calling for an immediate exit from the Netflix series. In fact, they don’t even want there to be a second season. On which side are you?

Squid Game is causing a great war between parents!

It is true that the famous Netflix series has strong scenes and is definitely not for everyone. But is that a reason to disappear from the well-known streaming platform and not even have the right to a second season? This is the problem that severely divides the groups of parents and educators.

In this war, which is taking on new contours every day, there are more moderate positions that just appeal not to watch the series.

Then there are also those who reiterate the idea that parents need to take care of their children and control what they normally see.

But there are also more extreme positions that worry many fans of the Netflix series. They are calling for the series to end immediately and sequels to be canceled.

All of this happens because it appears that there are several children who have already seen the series. And so far, so good, they had their parents’ permission to do so. The problem, however, is that the games they saw and learned on the series are made in schools with multiple colleagues.

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Squid Game: This Secret Will Change Season Two!




Squid Game is perhaps one of the most popular series on Netflix lately. This makes an excellent “walk” for the second season. Which, to be honest, has not yet been revealed or even mentioned by the platform or the team responsible for the project.

The truth is, however, that there are some questions in the air that fans would like to see answered. After all, there’s one big hidden secret that season two could really change. But what are we talking about and what does this mysterious secret mean?

Squid Game: This Secret Will Change Season Two!

Let’s not even say “beware of spoilers” at a time like this because everyone should have seen this fantastic show. And so it is best to go straight to the topic. After all, I don’t know if you remember when players wanted to leave the game after the first challenge and later returned to fight for the money. Recall? Well the truth is that not all of them have returned and this seems to have been on purpose. In other words, a secret that is kept in Squid Game

Not many did not want to return like this. And contrary to popular belief, they weren’t killed because they didn’t want to continue playing. But watched so that the game went on in secret. One of the rumors circulating on the internet is the fact that the same players might actually return in season two of the series. But does that make sense? And what can the content of the second season look like? We’ll really have to wait and see.

In short, did you watch the first season of Squid Game? So what do you think of the show? I can say I just loved it, but let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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Galaxy Watch 4 receives an update full of news!




In August of this year, Samsung hosted the Galaxy Unpacked Event, where it took the opportunity to showcase various devices. There were the foldable Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Galaxy Z Flip 3, as well as the Smartwatches Galaxy Watch 4 and Galaxy Watch 4 Classic and finally the Galaxy Buds 2. Today we have a new update thanks to it.

Galaxy Watch 4 receives an update full of news!

Since the launch that the Samsung has released some software updates for the Galaxy Watch 4. However, none of them added essential functionality. That has now changed as the Korean giant released a major update for the two new wearables. Right from the start we have new watch faces, new gesture controls, and improvements to fall detection.

This update has started to reach devices in South Korea for the time being, but will reach more regions in the coming days.

As mentioned, one of the changes is the addition of new watch faces, but in reality there is one more detail worth mentioning. So we now have an option that allows us to use GIFs as displays.

This update also contains a fix for a heartbeat tracking problem that was present in the previous version. This drop detection has also been improved with a new sensitivity option.

Other new features include a new button to turn off the microphone on calls and improvements to emojis.

The update comes with version R8 ** XXU1DUJA and has a size of 477 MB.

Did you know there is another Galaxy Watch 4 out there that costs 800 euros?

The design queen of the Android world is without a doubt Samsung. A great example of this is what this manufacturer can do with smartwatches. However, we have had devices with a really interesting design since the first Galaxy Watch. However, there is always room for the better. If the Galaxy Watch 4 Class is one of the most attractive Android smartwatches and is even good value for money, it is possible to go even further and develop an even more beautiful device. This is how the Galaxy Watch 4 Classic Thom Browne Edition came about and costs around 800 euros. You can read more about it here.

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