relieve crisis? PS5 and graphics cards for everyone? Quiet!

We are already in 2022, so it would be expected that the production crisis would lead to some kind of truce in several markets. Has begun? Well… Although demand is always lower in the first few months of each year, we have some signs that things are really getting better. Normality is still a little far from reality, but I think we can expect a calmer 2022.

relieve crisis? PS5 and graphics cards for everyone? Quiet!

PS5 and boards

So, as you can already see from the testimonies of several key industry figures, where we have to highlight the CEO of Intel (Pat Gelsinger) and the CEO of AMD (Dr. Lisa Su), things are really going to get better as the year goes by, as materials become increasingly scarce and major semiconductor manufacturers overcome many of the difficulties brought on by the pandemic.

But those same personalities warned we’ll have to wait some time for “alleged” normalcy to be achieved. With Intel’s CEO stating that we’ll have to wait until at least 2023.

However, the symptoms remain clear. Sony continues to bet on PlayStation 4 to try to respond to market demand. Finding a Nintendo Switch is not easy. No matter how many graphics cards are released, pricing and availability remain awkward. Getting to the point where NVIDIA is releasing “new” versions of cards that were originally released in 2018 or 2019 that are still hitting shelves at incredibly bad prices.

Now it’s the “Calm down!” part.

Although everything is still bad, we have several signs that everything will improve in the near future. The major graphics card manufacturers expect to increase production by at least 10% as early as the beginning of the year. Demand should also drop thanks to a new crash in the mining world and of course the fact that Ethereum is getting very close to its 2.0 version.

And of course, Intel is also in the process of launching its first line of graphics cards worthy of the name.

Interestingly, not much has been talked about online that PC building materials also got cheaper in November 2021.

In short, maybe it’s not the right time to update all the tech you have at home. But maybe we don’t have to wait for 2023. Apparently things will get better in 2022.

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