Recognized FUT players hacked in FIFA 22

The year started badly for many players best known in the FUT (FIFA Ultimate Team) footballer card trading community. As reported on social networks in the first week of the year, the accounts are from FIFA 22 many of them have been hacked. In fact, dozens of players have been attacked by hackers in the past few days.

Among those affected is FUT Donkey, the # 1 FUT player (FIFA 22) on PlayStation platforms. According to him, the hackers simply wrote to EA support, claiming they owned their account, and asked for help to get it back.

Other members of the FUT community at FIFA 22 who are reported to be victims of hackers FG, Bateson87 Yes NickRFTM. Apparently, all of these players’ accounts have been emptied of FIFA Coins.

This situation, and the ease with which hackers accessed player accounts, has affected members of the FUT community FIFA 22. You are asking EA to take action on this matter.

In communicating with the Eurogamer website, EA confirmed that they are investigating the situation. They also encourage players to manage the security of their account and enable two-factor authentication.

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Source: Eurogamer

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