Realme Band 2: A watch that makes the huge Mi Band 6 tremble

The world of smartbands, that is, smartwatches with more limited capabilities compared to watches like the TicWatch 3 Pro, Galaxy Watch 4 or Apple Watch, but which try to compensate for these “shortcomings” with extremely cheaper prices, is growing ever larger … a simply amazing shape .

By the way, just look at the first generations of the Xiaomi Mi Band that didn’t even have a screen and now look at the Mi Band 6. An evolution that obviously happened with the other brands too, especially on the side of Oppo. which has followed a strategy very similar to that of Xiaomi, also using a “budget” sub-brand to make consumers more focused on quality / price.

Realme Volume 2

Well, this is where Realme Band 2 comes in, a smart band full of features that is undoubtedly one of the biggest rivals of Xiaomi Mi Band 6. Will it be enough for Christmas to break Xiaomi’s domain? I would say yes! After all, it’s going to come on the shelves around ~ 25 €.

Realme Volume 2: A watch that makes the giant Mi Band 6 tremble (Buy here)

Realme Volume 2

To be honest, the first Realme band wasn’t a huge hit. So with the second generation, Oppo decided to step up the gas to steal some of the impact that Mi Band always brings to the world of smart bands.

What makes you think that? Well, instead of going for a Mi Band clone, Realme Band 2 has a design that is more like a smartwatch and very similar to what Huawei usually does. In short, we have a “fatter” body and therefore more usable screen space.

Realme Volume 2

After all, the screen is 1.4 inches and has a resolution of 167 x 320. Unfortunately, it’s not an OLED, but the fact that this technology is bypassed to bet on the IPS LCD means we have a very interesting one maximum brightness of about 500 nits. to have .

In terms of features and ‘extras’ we have a brutal watch control app in which we instantly find more than 50 watch faces to customize the device. If you want, you can even create your own watchface with your own photos. In addition, we also have an SpO2 sensor, sleep monitoring, heart rate, exercise, stress and it is even possible to monitor menstruation. When it comes to ‘extras’, we have the option of controlling the music on our smartphone from both the watch and the camera. In other words, you can take selfies or group photos with the help of the watch.

However, as you may have guessed by now, you cannot make calls or reply to messages on this watch.

In the sports sector, however, the first Realme Band relied on “only” 9 sports modes … This new model already has more than 90 modalities. (They will be added gradually in updates).

Speaking of updates, with Realme behind the scenes (Oppo) the support will obviously be the best you can find. After all, it’s a mobile device maker that has bet hard and ugly on software! As was the case with the introduction of OS Android 12 in the world of smartphones.

Finally, it should be noted that we have 12 days of battery life thanks to the 204mAh cell.

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