Quantic Dream has big problems developing Star Wars Eclipse

One of the bittersweet moments in the past The Game Awards It was the unveiling of a new game based on one of the world’s most popular franchises. The trailer for Star Wars eclipse It looked spectacular even though it didn’t show playability, but the excitement gave way to disappointment when we learned it was being developed by Quantic Dream. This French studio – responsible for games like Heavy rain Yes Detroit: becoming human– was accused of promoting a toxic, sexist and homophobic culture in its offices. This has resulted in them facing various legal claims.

But the bad image and court dramas aren’t the only complications for this title. According to a leak, Quantic Dream is struggling to develop Star Wars: Eclipse. For starters, the engine used by the studio – which was primarily designed for tight spaces – is not optimized for processing large numbers of characters at the same time. They also say their lack of experience with multiplayer systems influenced them in creating this part of the game.

Because of this, and the problems they had in gaining talent due to the allegations made against them, the development of Star Wars eclipse At Quantic Dream, progress has been very slow. Even though they worked on the title for a year and a half, they still don’t have a playable version.

The source of this leak is well-known insider Tom Anderson. He revealed the existence of this title months before its official presentation.. He also shared a lot of information about franchises in advance, such as: Battlefield Yes call of Duty.

Meanwhile, some groups of fans of war of stars they continue the campaign #BlackoutStarWarsEclipse. They want to publicize the allegations against Quantic Dream and encourage players to ignore the game when it goes on sale.

Via: PlayStation Lifestyle
Source: Tom Anderson

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