PUBG Mobile, Spider-Man and other news of version 1.8

As of today version 1.8 of PUBG mobile can be downloaded for free from the App Store and Google Play. This update not only added a number of significant changes to Battle Royale, but also marks the beginning of a new collaboration. This won’t bring anyone other than Spider-Man, especially those with it No way home.

In this note we list what you should know about the event of Spider-Man: No Way Home and the innovations implemented by version 1.8 PUBG mobile, in addition to those who will arrive.

When will Spider-Man appear? PUBG mobile?

PUBG Mobile Spider-Man Patch Update Version 1.8

Between January 12th and February 14th, the users of PUBG mobile will be able to team up with Spiderman through a special game mode. In this game, players have to help the spider hero while fighting monsters all over the map. If you do this successfully, you will receive themed rewards. These include a net shooter Yes Spider Web Bombs.

What other new features does version 1.8 of PUBG mobile?

Aftermath (new map)

In addition to Spider-Man, update 1.8 of PUBG mobile marks the debut of a new map for Classic mode: aftermath. In it, users can enjoy:

  • All firearms have been modified to have an AC core module. This makes them easier to control and aim.
  • Characters are equipped with tactical goggles by default. These show players the damage done with firearms.
  • Reduced the size of the city zone and the density of the game zone to make it easier to spot enemies.
  • An interactive zip line to ease the transition to the next play zone.
  • A return system that gives all players 1 chance to return to the battlefield.

Mode selection improvements

PUBG Mobile Spider-Man Patch Update Version 1.8

Patch 1.8 from PUBG mobile has separate ranked and unranked modes. It has also updated access to these modes to simplify the content displayed, improve controls and make them more intuitive. As if that wasn’t enough, version 1.8 of PUBG mobile has implemented several functional, location and display improvements. To see all changes, we recommend reading the 1.8 patch notes PUBG mobile.

Classic mode improvements

The 1.8 update of PUBG mobile added a Provision Shop. Using coins collected on the battlefield, players can purchase supplies and tactical items from the store. It will be available on the following maps: angle, Livik Yes aftermath. This applies to Ranked, Unranked, Classic, and Spider-Man modes.

Additionally version 1.8 of PUBG mobile implemented a comeback mechanic: the comeback tower. It will be available in the ranked modes of angle, Livik Yes aftermath.

The 1.8 update of PUBG mobile Also added is a feature that allows players to keep swimming when near death, a hit marker feature, a map marker feature, and an auto jump feature. The following firearms have also been rebalanced: MG3, M16A4 Yes MK47.

Finally patch 1.8 of PUBG mobile reintroduced the following modes: Metro Royale: Reunion Yes Payload 2.0. On the other hand, reaction survival Was withdrawn.

Basic security content

Version 1.8 of PUBG mobile revised the earning system. It has also improved the reporting feature and security verification for users suspected of fraud.

Game interface improvements

Among other interface improvements, Patch 1.8 PUBG mobile moved the activity events to the event center and merged the hall’s background music with the jukebox.

New season

PUBG Mobile Spider-Man Patch Update Version 1.8

Between January 18th and March 21st, players can claim new seasonal rewards. They will be upgraded to legendary quality. A new set of resources will also be added: C2T4 lenses, C2T4 set, CST4 parachute, MK14-C2T4, C2T4 mask Yes Headgear C2T4. This is not the only news that will arrive:

  • Memories of the CYCLE – There will be new themed story missions Jujutsu Kaisen. Players can collect Sukuna’s fingers to unlock memory titles.
  • CYCLE rewards – There will be new rewards for the cycle season. Players can claim the Diamond/Crown/Ace Badges in the same CYCLE for high value supplies.
  • Players now earn more challenge points in games. They can be obtained in other ways to level up faster.
  • Added team rank restrictions in classic ranked mode. Bronze through Platinum players can team up. Starting at Diamond level, players can only team up with players up to 2 main levels above them.
  • Added a points sync system that syncs the leaderboard points of players at Diamond level and below. This will increase your rank points in other modes according to the mode in which you are ranked higher.

New king pass

Between January 18th and February 17th, Royale Pass holders can purchase the set desert warrior and the thematic aspects of M16A4, DP28 Yes UZI. You will also be able to get the two-seater motorbike. This will not be the only novelty of the Royale Pass:

  • There is a new system to reduce the burden on players. You now have a point limit that increases every week. There will also be more quests for players to complete.
  • Royale Pass playtime requirements have been removed and points awarded as rewards for new challenge missions have been merged.
  • Rewards for elite missions and bonus missions for friends do not consume the point limit.

To see the other fixes in version 1.8 of PUBG mobile, just follow this link.

Source: PUBG Mobile official site

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