PSVR 2 is now official! Comes with great specs.

If you want a ‘premium’ VR experience outside of the PC gaming world, you only have one alternative, the Sony PlayStation ecosystem. Well, the VR experience on PS5 will be far superior to what we were able to experience on PS4 with PSVR 1. After all, Sony has already announced its new PlayStation VR2, which is apparently anything but a “game helmet”.

PSVR 2 is now official! Comes with great specs.

PSVR 2 does

This is why Sony decided to use CES 2022 to announce its new VR helmet known as the PlayStation VR2. A new headset that will hit the market with 4K resolution, a 110 ° field of view, eye tracking, new sensors and of course a general improvement in the movement mechanics.

But what is really impressive are the technical specs, which is actually what a VR helmet is for a console. At the end of the day we have two OLED screens with a resolution of 2000 x 2040 (one for each eye), both of which can reach 90 ~ 120 Hz.

In addition, we will also support haptic feedback technologies and, of course, dynamic triggers in the commands. Two technologies that we already find in DualSense that only and only serve to increase immersion in the game.

PSVR 2 will obviously be PlayStation 5 exclusive, however, and apparently even a big game has been announced, Horizon Call of the Mountain (Link)

In short, Sony is positioning itself in this way as a great player in the VR world by presenting a really interesting product in the field of technical specifications! Now the price remains to be seen to see if this is for the masses or too expensive for the most common of mortals.

Besides, what do you think of all of this? Interested in VR? Please let us know what you think in the comments below.

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