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Psalm Isadora was born on September 17th, 1975 in Mendocino, California, USA and was a yoga teacher and sex and relationship expert, best known worldwide for developing the global sex coaching program Urban Kama Sutra. She passed away in 2017.

Have you ever wondered how rich is Psalm Isadora at the end of 2017? Psalm’s net worth has been estimated at over $ 100,000 by authoritative sources, having served as a successful teacher and counselor for nearly 20 years.


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Psalm grew up in the small town of Mendocino in a family with deep religious beliefs, but who initially lived in a hippie community before moving to Los Angeles. This had a huge impact on her growing up as her parents wanted to suppress her sexuality. However, she managed to escape the shackles of religion and only discovered her sexuality later in life. This became her primary focus when she reached adulthood, and since then she has worked to not only improve the sex life of modern women, but also dedicated her life to the liberation of oppressed women in Calcutta, doing everything in her power to help them all the benefits of. to achieve sexuality.

In addition to sex lessons, she has also developed yoga classes; Some of these courses include the OYoga technique which combines belly dancing, burlesque, and yoga. Before she found happiness and success, however, Psalm was a 30 pound single mother with drug, alcohol, and other life problems. She ended up in a hospital emergency room one night, but when she got out she decided to change her life 180 degrees. She managed to successfully integrate Tantra into her life and build everything from scratch. Little by little, her teachings gained an audience that grew over time and the number of her followers steadily increased. Her work with Calcutta women was featured in the documentary “Shakti” which only added to her wealth. Most recently she was seen as an expert in the reality series “Cougar Club” on Playboy TV and “Modern Sex” on Buzzfeed, both in 2016.

In terms of her personal life, Psalm has done everything throughout her life to hide her most intimate details from the public eye. However, her bad relationship with her parents and her sexual trauma came to light on every other unpleasant event in her life. Unfortunately, it is not known who the father of her son is and whether or not she was married. Obviously it wasn’t just a fun life for Psalm; she suffered from depression before discovering yoga and becoming a sex expert, and she returned to symptoms of depression that eventually led to her suicide on March 26, 2017; she was 42 years old. She is survived by her son.

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