Prince Harry lets Meghan Markle “take the lead” during Global Citizen Live

Prince Harry’s narrowed gaze showed pride as he watched Meghan Markle become the “lead actor” during Saturday’s Global Citizen Live, a body language expert claimed.

The Duke, 37, and Duchess of Sussex, 40, performed to cheers on stage at the Wokestock in Central Park, New York, calling on everyone to work together to end the COVID-19 pandemic.

And according to Judi James, the royal couple’s body language returned to their more familiar-looking PDAS, rather than their corporate appearances that we’ve seen in New York for the past few days.

Speaking exclusively to FEMAIL about the Duke of Sussex’s appearance at the event, Judi said exclusively to FEMAIL: “In terms of performance, Harry seemed to recognize his wife as the lead actor, staring at her with narrowed eyes to show pride, but also some fearful rituals like clothing and Fiddling with fingers as he watched her more powerful speech. ‘

Prince Harry’s narrowed gaze showed pride as he watched Meghan Markle become the “lead actor” during Global Citizen Live on Saturday, body language expert Judi James claimed

According to Judi, Prince Harry, digging his fingers into Meghan Markle’s shoulder, indicates an “affection”

Meghan Markle – who put on a white dress – finally took off her coat as she and Prince Harry stood on stage in Central Park.

The crowd calmed down when Prince Harry first picked up the microphone and asked, “Are you ready to do whatever is necessary to end this pandemic?”

The cheers started again and grew louder when Meghan – who sounded loud Judi and looked “more eloquent and passionate” about her message – took the microphone.

And according to the body language expert, Prince Harry acted like “a bit like a rock star” during his appearance.

Harry and Meghan gave a joint and coordinated speech in which they took turns every few sentences

Prince Harry and Meghan on stage during Global Citizen Live in New York’s Central Park on Saturday

“Meghan finally showed up under those thick coats and the couple started their speeches in quite an individual style,” she explained. “Prince Harry tried to get the crowd going with some man-style warm-up gestures, covering his ear to pretend not to hear their agreements, and” New York Citaaaaay … “like a rock star scream.’

Judi continued to say that the duo’s more romantic body language seemed to be encouraged by audience approval.

“After their previous appearances in New York, which seemed more corporate, Meghan and Harry have returned to their more familiar-looking PDAs and signs of affection through this body language on stage,” she explained. “Although these romantic rituals were driven more by the discerning crowd than the couple themselves.”

She continued, “But when Harry used the line“ My wife and I ”and cast the first loving look in Meghan’s direction, it was clear from the cheers and approving screams of the crowd that they wanted more of the couple’s romantic back. Story.’

According to Judi, Prince Harry acted like “a bit of a rock star” during his performance. Pictured on the Global Citizen Live stage in New York City

Judi went on to notice Prince Harry putting an arm around Meghan at this point and she responded by resting her head on his shoulder.

“Harry’s closed-lipped smile here is in recognition of the amount of this romantic story and we can see his fingers dig into her shoulder in her affection,” she explained.

“Given that Meghan was more in corporate mode on this visit, the raised hands and rather rigid fingers suggest that the crowd’s approval of this side of their image may have surprised them.”

“Meghan stood there confidently while the crowd cheered, her hands entwined in the signature hand clasp to show a sign of solidarity.”

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