Precautionary dose from 60, prescription for proof of comorbidity not required

Precautionary dose for 60+: Prescription for proof of comorbidity not required

COVID-19: The center announced a “cautionary dose” in response to Omicron’s concerns

New Delhi:

People over 60 with comorbidities do not need to present a medical certificate or prescription to prove that they belong to the high risk category in order to receive a “preventive dose” against COVID-19. Medical professionals, frontline health workers and seniors with comorbidities can take the “cautionary dose” starting January 10th.

The center announced that it would give “cautionary doses” in response to concerns about the highly transmissible variant Omicron.

“Medical certificate / prescription to determine comorbidity not required; Doctors recommend an indication for 60+ people to consult their doctor before deciding on a cautionary dose, “the Ministry of Health said in a statement today.

For 15 to 18 year olds who will be vaccinated from January 3rd, both the walk-in and online registration via CoWIN is possible.

Those who have to vote in polling states are treated as front-line workers who are eligible for a preventive dose, the Ministry of Health said.

“All established vaccination protocols are to be followed for the age group 15-18 years; Beneficiaries have to wait half an hour to be monitored for AEFI and are only eligible for the second dose after 28 days, “said the Ministry of Health.

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