possible date and first details of the January 2022 update (OB32)

Thanks to the Brazilian site FFMania, we learned the possible date of the January 2022 update from free fire (OB32), as well as some of the new features it will have.

Before we begin, we need to remind you This information is not official. Both the date and the content we describe are subject to change. We will confirm the dates when Garena makes it official. Game mode names and options are based on Portuguese translations.

What will be the date of the January 2022 update? free fire (OB32)?

According to the informants, the update will be available on Wednesday 19 January 2022. This comes after a maintenance period that could start at 11:00 p.m. the day before and end around 8:00 a.m.

We will wait for the moment when they officially confirm this date.

What news will come with the update?

The following features have already been run through by the Advanced Test Server and are presumably part of the update.

  • outfit tester.
  • New rewards interface for newcomers and returning inactive players.
  • New features for Battle Royale
    • search mission
    • supply mission.
  • Airdrop in Contra Squad mode.
  • New Custom Game Modes:
    • total destruction
    • point collection
    • race for time
  • New game mode with pets inspired by board games.
Free Fire: possible date and first details about the January 2022 OB32 update
  • New Twelve Charger booster weapon with infinite ammo but with overheating mechanics.
  • Function to encourage teammates when they are making a good game.
  • New loading page for CS mode (Contra Squad).
  • New vault.
  • New rating icon.
  • New website with qualification details.
  • New lobby personalized with music.
  • vibration function.
  • New pet: Lightning.

Source: FFMania

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