PlayStation 5 has an update with a lot of leak news on the way

However, PlayStation 5 has had tremendous success in the market when we look at the many reviews Released just over a year ago, many experts will point out some less negative points in the console’s firmware. Especially in the area of ​​the user interface, which, in the opinion of very good people, still had and still has a lot to improve.

Now that PS5 production is expected to see significant improvements over the course of 2022, Sony is preparing an update that, in turn, will completely revolutionize the way gamers interact with the console.

We’ll have an update with lots of (and good) news.

PlayStation 5 has an update with lots of new features on the way

PlayStation 5 has one

According to acclaimed leaker Roberto Serrano, Sony is currently working on a huge update so big that there could even be a new phase of beta testing to make sure everything goes smoothly when the time comes to get the data package for publish all players.

Among other things, the update offers VRR support, 1440p resolution, a new social feed, the introduction of dynamic backgrounds and even the option to change the theme.

Enthusiastic? At least in terms of VRR and 1440p, these are two features that are in great demand! The first is already part of the Xbox Series X. While the second is supposed to be able to open the doors to higher image quality for very good people. Of course there is a high quality monitor for the PC, but unfortunately there is a TV in the living room which is no big deal.

Besides, what do you think of all of this? Already have a PS5? Will buy? What do you think of this update? Please let us know what you think in the comments below.

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