PlayStation 5 has already been pirated! It didn’t take much time!

Piracy on the way to the PS5? This is very possibly Sony’s biggest nightmare when it comes to their PlayStation consoles. But it’s almost always a fight between Gato and the mouse, in which the mouse gets some victories, but at the end of the day the cat always wins.

In short, the PlayStation 5 firmware was officially cracked by hacker TheFlow this week. But if you think this is going to start an unprecedented wave of piracy, now is your time to get your horse out of the rain. The hacker is a Sony affiliate and will likely receive good money for the discovery.

PlayStation 5 has already been pirated! It didn’t take much time!

Pirated copies of the Playstation 5

After about a year on the market, the PlayStation 5 was cracked by Andy Nguyen (The Flow), and the hacker managed to activate the debug mode on a sales unit of the next-gen console from Sony. This means the PS5 can now be jailbroken, making it possible to run .pkg files without any kind of license. In other words, not only does this mean running games from the internet, but it can also lead to in-game piracy in online games.

Interestingly enough, it can also enable the good part of all of this, namely home brewed. Where we can include all the emulators you can think of.

However, the hacker has been a long-term partner of Sony, so it is very likely that the vulnerability used will not be exposed publicly. Or if so, it will never be before the patch update is released from the Japanese giant. What is clear means that if you happen to want to pirate your PlayStation 5, you will have to run away from any software updates released from now on.

Besides, what do you think of all of this? Would you like to enter the world of piracy with PS5? Please let us know what you think in the comments below.

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