Pete Davidson Went Shirtless at NYE Rehearsals – Watch His Tattoo Removal Progress!

Pete Davidson has been getting his tattoos removed for the past few years and you can see the progress in his new shirtless photos!

The 28 year old SNL Star was seen walking for his shirtless during rehearsals New Year’s Eve Special on Thursday (December 30th) in Miami, Florida.

Pete‘s arms have noticeably fewer tattoos when compared to photos taken in November 2019. Much of the paint on his arm tattoos has been removed, with the outline still visible.

Click to see the before and after photos …

During the interview on Late night with Seth Meyers in May 2021, Pete explained why he is having them removed.

“I didn’t think they’d stick me into things like the movie business. I thought it was a wrap according to the SNL. ” Pete joked as he talked about his roles in King of Staten Island and The suicide squad.

He continued, “People don’t know I’m a little old – I’m 27, but in Hollywood that’s about 40.”

Whenever he shows up in movies Pete needs to get its ink covered.

“It takes about three hours – you have to be there three hours early to cover all of your tattoos because for some reason people in movies don’t have them that often,” Pete said. “Burning them is worse than getting them. Because not only do they burn your skin, but you’re also wearing those big goggles, right? So you can’t see anything and the doctor is with you. ”

He continued: “Before [the doctor] Every tattoo goes laser, you have to hear them announce what the tattoo is to make sure whether you want to keep it or not. I just sit very high next to the Pro-Nox – which is actually quite funny, I enjoy it – and then all I hear is: ‘Are we going to let Stewie Griffin smoke bluntly?’ And then I have to sit there and say, ‘No, Dr. G.’ It is really embarrassing. Do we keep the owl who licks the Tootsie Pop? “

“If you want to get a tattoo, make sure you really, really want it – and not into mushrooms,” he said.

Check out the before and after pictures below …


Shirtless Pete Davidson shows tattoos


Shirtless Pete Davidson shows tattoos


Shirtless Pete Davidson shows tattoos

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