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Born in 1968 in the United States of America, Paul Bedard is a reality television personality, lifeguard and alligator catcher without harming them and releasing them back into the wild. All of his efforts have helped make his fortune what it is today.

How rich is Paul Bedard? In mid-2017, sources estimate a net worth of $ 500,000, mostly made through a successful career in television. “Gator Boys” has become very popular and is appearing on other television shows. His net worth is also expected to continue to grow over the course of his career.


Paul Bedard net worth of $ 500,000


When he was growing up, Paul had a passion for animals. He began exploring nature and wildlife at a young age and caught his first snake when he was 12 years old. He attended and enrolled at Bishop Stang Catholic High School in Massachusetts.

He first found popularity when he was cast as part of the Animal Planet reality show “Gator Boys,” which launched in 2012 and aired six episodes. The series follows him alongside Jimmy Riffle – they receive calls from the Florida Everglades area, which is known to be home to many alligators in the wild, but they respond to calls from people who have alligators on their property. The two then work on capturing these animals without harming them and releasing them back into the wild, including fighting alligators in backyards and swimming pools. The show has become hugely popular and has helped grow his fortune significantly. The show has been extended for a total of six seasons, with its final episode filmed in 2014, but although no new season has been filmed, episodes of the show continue to air.

In addition to “Gator Boys”, Bedard also has frequent guest appearances on talk shows. He also appeared on the television show “Tanked” as part of an episode, another reality series broadcast on Animal Planet that followed the operations of one of the world’s largest manufacturers of custom aquariums. In 2012 he had a small role in the Hong Kong film “Naked Soldier”, in which he played the head of a mercenary group. The film is the third installment in the “Naked” series and follows “Naked Weapon”. When he’s not catching alligators, he works as a lifeguard. He is also known to work at Everglades Holiday Park, where he educates people about alligators. All of these other opportunities have helped him build his fortune.

For his personal life there is no information about any relationships. Paul is known to enjoy Ironman races and prefer the long run, bike, and swim distances of these races. He is a winner of the Ford Ironman World Championship. In 2004 he had an accident that caused him to develop a kidney and an infection, which reduced his heart rate and reduced mobility. Still, the injuries did not prevent his passion for racing. He’s also very active on social media, especially Facebook.

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