Over 60? Reverse Aging With These Health Habits – Eat This, Not That!

No matter how hard we fight against it, we cannot stop aging. But we can help prevent premature signs of aging by incorporating healthy habits into our daily lives. How we take care of ourselves plays a big role in the aging process. So, read the following five tips to find out how you can reverse the signs of aging after 60 years with a few lifestyle changes. Read on – and to ensure your health and the health of others, don’t miss this one Sure signs that you already have COVID. had.

Vitamin supplement
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Years of sun damage can be hard to reverse, but vitamin A is the only thing that actually works Jane Mann, Beautician / health and beauty expert says. “For women in their 60s – they are dealing with nearly five decades of external and internal damage. The only miracle cure is vitamin A. Vitamin A protects your skin from sun damage, skin cancer and wrinkles. There are so many types of Vitamin A on the market today. One of my favorites is Environ. Environ has patented an approach to delivering vitamin A that does not irritate the skin. “

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Moderation is key in everything, including training. Jess Rose McDowell, Certified Fitness Instructor and Founder of KINETIC SWEAT® explains how often we should go to the gym. “It’s recommended that you do 30 to 60 minutes of cardio at least five days a week, around 150 to 250 minutes a week. It is recommended that you do strength training for 30 to 45 minutes, i.e. about 150 minutes, at least two to three days a week. Exercise prevents long-term injuries or health conditions that automatically age you as you go through the process of healing, back strength building, and physical therapy. Your mental and physical health improves with regular exercise and activity, as serotonin is released into the brain. As we age, we lose muscle mass. When you incorporate strength training into your everyday life, you protect yourself from broken bones, torn ligaments, and joint problems. If you incorporate cardio into your normal daily routine, your cardiovascular performance, your cholesterol levels and your blood pressure will be maintained. ”

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Keeping in touch with others is important to looking good and feeling great, says Dr. Rachel Dew, Co-Founder and CEO of ModiHealth.

“Social interactions can stimulate us intellectually and cognitively. Whether on a voluntary basis or as a hobby, the sense of structure in our life is very healthy and makes us happy. Interacting with family, friends, and loved ones can prevent brain inactivity and strengthen our communication skills. Maintaining a social life can help us eat healthier meals and stay active, which is good for our overall wellbeing. A sense of community is so important to our wellbeing, be it through a simple phone call, social media, email or a coffee date, staying in touch keeps us mentally connected. ”

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Many foundations and tinted moisturizers contain sun protection factor, but it doesn’t protect your skin as you might think. “Most makeup protects against UVB rays, but doesn’t block UVA rays, which cause fine lines, brown spots, enlarged pores, and crepey,” says Dee Anna Glaser, MD, certified dermatologist, professor, and the interim chair of the dermatology department of the St. Louis University School of Medicine in Missouri said Health in everyday life.

So use sunscreen to protect yourself from harmful rays.

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We all know smoking is not good for you, but it also makes aging faster. According to J. Taylor Hayes, MD of the Mayo Clinic, “These changes include crow’s feet, pronounced lines between the eyebrows, uneven skin color, a grayish tone on lighter skin, deep wrinkles and puffiness under the eyes, wrinkles around the mouth, and thinner lips.”

He added, “The more cigarettes you smoke and the longer you smoke, the more likely you are to develop wrinkles and other age-related changes on your face. The other main factor that you can control that causes skin damage is exposure to the sun. The combination of unprotected sun exposure and smoking can make wrinkles even worse. ”And to protect your life and the lives of others, don’t visit any of them 35 places where you are most likely to get infected with COVID.

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