Original Pokémon translator in favor of a Latin Spanish in games

There are many media outlets in Latin America and other parts of the world dedicated to this Campaign for RPG games Pokémon in latin spanish. Given the size of the Latin American market compared to Spain, it is still absurd that the region should have to ask for this in mid-2021. 25 years after the start of the franchise.

Gone are the days when piracy was the excuse for anything that didn’t reach Latin America. Big stores and even informal video game companies show how much gamers are investing in them. This is supported by the different synchronizations and translations from Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo.

To continue the inquiry to The Pokémon Company International, ANMTVLA contacted Gabriel Ramos and Gabriel Gama. You recognize them as soon as you hear them, because they were Ash and Brock’s first voices for Latin America in the animated series by Pokémon. Both of them joined the campaign and narrated a video explaining the whole situation that we shared earlier.

Nob Ogasawara, Pokémon Translation Authority

As if that wasn’t enough, the request was made known to Nob Ogasawara himself. He has been the official “freelance” translator for the West (Japanese-English) from the earliest games of Pokémon until platinum. For Ogasawara, who claimed to be unaware of the inadequacy of the Spanish translation in the growing Latin market, this is a tragic situation with a lack of vision on the part of the companies involved (Nintendo, Game Freak, The Pokémon Company).

“At least I am appalled that a JRPG aimed at children has derogatory terms. This completely contradicts the philosophy I applied to the original translations on which other localizations were based. It’s supposed to be KIDS SAFE. “

Between all of us, we haven’t even made it to make society Pokémon do not respond automatically. But we can continue to show our support and get the word out.

Ask The Pokémon Company about Pokémon games in Latin at the link below!

Sign the petition: www.change.org/PokemonLATAM

Share all related information Hashtags and ask on all social networks of. after a localization into Latin Spanish Pokémon.


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