One of the best series on Netflix is ​​getting a new season!

If we’ve just watched a new series on Netflix and fallen in love, it’s obvious that we’re quickly craving new content on this project too. But what happens most of the time … is that things end up taking so long that after all the enthusiasm everything falls by the wayside. It’s a bit like my girlfriend says: “I’ve already given up on this series, I don’t remember anything I saw … “

In fact, this happens to many users of the platform. But as I know there is a stubborn gang, behold, one of the most watched series on Netflix is ​​about to get its second season. But which project are we definitely talking about?

One of the best series on Netflix is ​​getting a new season!

So the series we’re talking about is nothing short of Shadows and bones. A project that arrived later that year (April) and was successful around the world. So there was a lot of hype surrounding the release of this second season.

So when it comes to new content, we have absolutely no idea what this second season might bring. Because what is really being suspected is that it may just be a sequel to what happened in season one. In other words, we have to see how Alina Starkov and Malyen manage to defeat the fearsome and seemingly indestructible General Kirigan.

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In short, what do you think of the fact that Shadow and Bone is getting a new season? Are you looking forward to this new content on the show or were you more excited about the first season? I confess that I am waiting to see how the story will play out from now on, it will be necessary to do a great job. But let’s see what Netflix has told us.

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