Olivia Colman jokes that she put scenes in the script to flirt with Paul Mescal

Olivia Colman joked that she put scenes with Paul Mescal on “The Lost Daughter” just so she could flirt with him.

Olivia Colman was born by Paul Mescal.  impressed

Olivia Colman was born by Paul Mescal. impressed

The 47-year-old actress stars in the psychological thriller on Netflix and claimed that after watching Mescal on the BBC TV series “Normal People” she created a scene for them to spend time with him on the big screen could.

When asked if she enjoyed working with him, she quipped: “It’s always fun, but it wasn’t even in the script. I just did that. “

Olivia then went back on what she had said and made it clear that the scene was actually in the script from the start, before complimenting her fellow actor.

She is quoted in The Sun newspaper’s Bizarre column as saying, “It was in the script, it was. I was a huge fan of ‘Normal People’ and I felt a little dizzy [when I met him]. “

The Oscar-winning actress then stated that she found Mescal’s work as an actor and singer “beautiful”, although she could not look him in the eye at first.

She said, “I couldn’t look him in the eye when we first met. He’s just so nice and nice and a good person. And he sings beautifully. He’s just lovely. He is the nicest and most beautiful. He loves his family and he is so brilliant at what he does. His work is wonderful. “

This came after the film’s director Maggie Gyllenhaal revealed that, while playing the role of a professor grappling with her dark past, Colman “didn’t like talking much on the set.”

Maggie told The New York Times, “Olivia really doesn’t like talking about much. I’m actually wondering if she’s only been in power as an actress for a relatively short time, if she feels like I do as an actress, which is very rare, that someone appreciates my ideas.

“They’ll say they do, but people get irritated by actresses with a lot of ideas.

“I’m not an idiot, so I keep her to myself most of the time. I remember asking Olivia if she liked to rehearse and she said I actually don’t and I can totally relate to it. “

Dylan Penn always found acting “silly”.

The 30-year-old star – the daughter of Sean Penn and Robin Wright – dreamed of a job in the film industry but expected to be behind the camera in some capacity, but her role in her father’s new film, Flag Day, has one for her “New found respect” for the craft and she can now look for more parts.

She told Total Film magazine, “I always thought I would work in the film industry, but I would be behind the camera, whether it was writing or directing.

“Acting honestly always seemed so silly – adults in disguise.

“Obviously I have a newfound respect for actors after doing this.

“And I think that feels like a very special story. This is one in a million and the role was so incredible.

“But yes, I am 30 years old. I get there very late in the game. Maybe I will continue. “

Both of Dylan’s parents independently gave her the same advice on acting, so it’s something that has stayed with her.

She said, “They both separately told me if something felt wrong, be it what I said or the way I moved, don’t do it because it will be wrong on the screen.

“Every time ‘Action’ was called, I repeated it in my head.”

Meanwhile, Sean was happy to direct his daughter in the film.

He said, “I am really grateful that this happened.

“I have nothing to say that I knew from the first day of shooting that I would be as proud as I am today.

“Because we started in the second, I knew I hadn’t made her fail.”

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