OLED will be cheaper as it will leak smaller

Obviously, the super-innovative technology loses its impression over the years, it ceases to be so complex and with it also becomes a little bit friendlier on the wallet. So it is with almost everything that comes as great news in the world of technology, including the OLED screen, of course.

According to some news, LG and Samsung will not only have cheaper panels, but also smaller OLED screens to massage the technology.

In the end! OLED is getting cheaper.

OLED gets cheaper as it gets smaller

OLED remains

Hence, according to new information, LG and Samsung have really big plans to massage OLED technology for all kinds of products in 2022. TV, smartphones and tablets will no longer be the focus, but also monitors for desktop PCs and of course monitors for a wide variety of portables.

But of course the new strategy also includes cheaper OLED TVs, as is the case with the new 42 “LG OLED from the C series. A TV that hits the market at a more attractive price point than the current LG CX48 and LG C1. A size that should also provide grace in the cheaper A2 range.

In the Samsung area, the focus seems to be on the introduction of the first QD OLED TVs and some monitors based on the same technology. Unfortunately, we don’t know much about this technology yet, but it looks like mass production has already started! Hence, if you are a fan of Samsung TVs, CES 2022 is going to be really interesting.

In addition to televisions and monitors, we’ll also see renewed commitment to implementing this type of technology in laptops. Starting with panels that can offer 90 Hz and 120 Hz. To respond to what Apple did with the latest MacBook Pro with SoC ARM M1 Pro and M1 Max.

In short, 2022 will be very interesting if you like OLED technology!

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