Nothing Ear (1): Are they worth it in this saturated market?

Nothing ear (1): When Nothing came out, he became the very popular co-founder of. founded OnePlus (Carl Pei) it was natural that something big was expected in the market. So when the company’s first product was announced, there was no shortage of spotlights and media coverage.

But … are you starting an adventure with a pair of TWS earbuds?

One of the most saturated markets today? Was it a good idea? Is something good? Well, let’s go to parts!

Nothing Ear (1): Are they worth it in this saturated market? Yes indeed!

Ear (1)

So, obviously to differentiate itself from anything we can already find on the market, Nothing prefers a semi-transparent design that is completely different from the usual and even conveys a “funky” or “cyberpunk” image.

After all, it’s easy to see everything that’s going on in each earbud, and of course it also gives the impression that everything has been built well! Because when everything is in sight, tidying up is of course inevitable. (Have you ever tried building a PC and then plugging the case back in? It’s not always a successful mission, ahah)

In a world dominated by Apple’s AirPods and with so many alternatives from big brands at attractive prices such as Sony, Bose, Huawei, Samsung etc. where this is most necessary, i.e. in sound quality!

After all, we’re talking about a € 99 product that weighs heavier Front.

Ear (1)


  • Connectivity: Bluetooth 5.2, SBC, AAC
  • autonomy: 4 hours with ANC (+ 24 hours with box) / charging via USB-C or Qi
  • Dimensions: 28.9 x 21.5 x 23.5 mm
  • Box size: 58.66 x 58.6 x 23.7 mm
  • weight: 4.7 g per bud, 57.4 g box
  • driver: 11.6 mm

Performance, comfort and functions

Ear (1)

As you may have noticed in the photos, despite the transparent design, the format is not far from the norm. But there it is, there is no need to deviate from the rule if they are followed properly. In terms of comfort, Nothing Ear (1) is one of the best earbuds I got to try in 2021.

It’s very easy to use them for their entire battery life (~ 4 hours with ANC turned on to the maximum). The case is also small and super light and can be charged up to a maximum of 6 times (+ 24h).

Interestingly, despite the price, we have support for Wireless charging! Which, in case you didn’t know, is not a given, even at the highest ranges in this world of wireless earbuds.

However, we have Bluetooth 5.2 support with access to SBC and AAC standards. Despite its recent connectivity, the Nothing Ear (1) unfortunately only connects to one device at a time.

Even so, pairing is very easy as only one earbud can be used if desired. (Google Fast Pair support)

To control them you just have to use the traditional ringtones that can be changed through the Ear app (1). The app also shows the battery level and allows a (limited) adjustment of the Eq and the ANC capacity. As with most high-end earbuds, we have sensors here that can stop or resume the music when you remove the earbuds or put them back on.

As for the performance itself, we have a very balanced sound experience with a very satisfactory bass especially when you choose Eq.Extra Bass in the above app. In short, they won’t touch the sound quality that competitors like the Sony WH-1000XM4 can offer, but they’re not too far away either, and cost 1/3 the price.

In the ANC (Active Noise Cancellation) area, the performance is satisfactory if you happen to be on the road and don’t want to hear the cars driving by. But if someone is talking to you or talking to someone close to you, you can likely hear them.

However, if you are looking for headphones that also offer good call quality, this is an excellent option too.

In short, for € 99 they are well worth it.


Ear (1)

The Nothing Ear (1) is an excellent achievement by Carl Pei’s newly founded company. They offer an eye-catching design, good equipment, a lot of comfort for long sessions, wireless charging and a very decent performance in relation to the price.

Find out more about the product here.

Ear (1)

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