Not interested in Xbox VR headsets, says Spencer

Phil Spencer is not interested in an Xbox VR headset and can concentrate on his own software.

Xbox boss Phil Spencer was interviewed by the Wallstreet Journal and answered questions from viewers at the Tech Live event.

With the virtual reality topic, Spencer is asked whether VR would remain a distinguishing feature between PlayStation and Xbox and whether that would not be a risk.

According to Spencer, the work that companies were doing in this area was admired, but the focus was on software. So you are not interested in an Xbox VR headset.

“We firmly believe in this software platform and the devices that make it possible. Absolutely. [Aber] we focus at the moment fell more on the software side of it. If I think of immersive worlds and the link between player and community, then this is something that is at the top of our investment list. “

“I think that both of the devices that are now available will keep us in touch with all of the actors. [Wir experimentieren und sprechen mit vielen der Partner, die es gibt. “

„Ich denke, dass die Hardware-Innovation, die stattfindet, großartig ist und einen wichtigen Beitrag leistet, [aber] at the moment I am choosing to stay more on the software side of this development. I believe that this scales better in the long run. “

Spencer praised the work of other companies, naming Sony, Oculus and Valve. There are a lot of good games out there.

“And delete them, I admire what Sony is doing, I admire what Oculus is doing, what Valve has done. I mean, there are a ton of good players out there that have amazing VR work. “

“But yeah, as a company we would stay in the consumer space for now and focus on software, and I think that’s a good choice.”

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