Nikodem Chabior Wikipedia: Meet the cast of “How I fell in love with a gangster” on Instagram

Nikodem Chabior Wikipedia: Nikodem Chabior is a Polish actor and editor aged 34, married to his wife, with whom he has a daughter. Read on to find out more about him.

Nikodem Chabior is a well-known Polish editor and actor who fell into the spotlight after playing as Magi in How I fell in love with a gangster. He has acted in several films, but also worked as an editor for numerous projects.

Warto 2017. Film z każdej strony [NOMINOWANI] - zdjęcie nr 2

In addition, Chabior has been active in the film industry since 2015 and has worked with various personalities. His debut film came in 2016 after getting the role of Skalar in the short film Unfortunate Teller.

We can also see his appearance in Bóg internetów, Cargo and The Office PL. In addition to acting, he has edited more than thirty films and is still working. His upcoming project is The Intruder.

Who is Nikodem Chabior?

Nikodem Chabior is a talented actor who is also loved for his editing skills. His work also helped him win the Warto Prize nominations. Chabior was also awarded for the processing of Rojst. Prologue 2018.

He has also done various commercials, including for Amica, TicTac (Ferrero) and Dom Development. He is also a passionate writer who has worked as an associate screenplay for Dog Days.

Some of his editing work can be seen in Beneath, Mayday, Dear Child, Opus Magnum, The Hero, Slave, The Office PL and many more.

Nikodem Chabior Age and Wikipedia Bio

Nikodem Chabior is 34 years old and his Wikipedia page has yet to be updated. He was now born in Zgierz, Poland, in 1981. So he has Polish citizenship and is of average height.

Chabior also attended the Strzemiński Academy of Fine Arts in Lodz, from which he graduated with the title Master of Arts. He also studied from 2004 to 2007 at the Polish National Film, TV and Theater School in Lodz.

At this institution Chabior graduated from animation and special effects. He is also now based in Warsaw and is represented by Talent Bank Management Magdalena Widuch.

In his early days, Chabior was keen to pursue a career in this field, so he worked hard all the time. His amazing creation also led him to various honors.

Who are Nikodem Chabior’s parents?

Nikodem Chabior was born to his parents Janusz Chabior (father) and Barbara Chabior (mother). His parents were never married as they were only in a relationship. In addition, his mother Barbara is a journalist, while his father Janusz is a famous Polish theater, television and film actor.

Apart from that, Janusz was also married to actress Anita Poddębniak, who however divorced in 2013. He then got engaged to Agata Wątróbska in 2019 and made her wedding bond on June 20, 2020.

Nicodem Chabior wife: is he married?

Yes, Nikodem Chabior is married to his wife, with whom he has a beautiful daughter named Susanne. But Chabior didn’t mention his wife’s name in the media. We can also find him on Instagram and share different pictures.

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