Nick Fury joins Fortnite as part of the SHIELD set

Season 8 of Fortnite: Chapter 2 comes to an endBut before that happens, he gets a visit from another guest from the Marvel universe: Nick Fury, director of SHIELD

How to wear Nick Fury’s outfit Fourteen days?

We won’t be able to achieve this appearance by completing challenges or entering a trophy. The only way to add the outfit to our collection is to buy it from the in-game shop using our V Coins.

This costs 1500 V coins. In addition to the ‘skin’, it contains the retro backpack CAMPO backpack

What does the SHIELD set bundle contain?

If we want more cosmetics inspired by this so “badass” character, we can buy the bundle, which contains the following items:

  • Nick Fury outfit
  • Director’s ax pickaxe
  • Glider First Strike infiltration ship
  • Unfolded Quinjets Loading Screen (cover image of this note)
Nick Fury's outfit joins Fortnite as part of the SHIELD outfit

We can purchase some of these cosmetics regardless of the batch. Both the pickaxe and the glider cost 800V. The loading screen is exclusive to the bundle.

Remember that all of these items will only be available in store for a limited time. They usually come back, but we don’t know when this might be.

Now we have Nick Fury’s outfit and the SHIELD outfit on Fourteen days, we have a large collection of Marvel character outfits. Is your favorite already in the game? If not who is it?

Source: Epic Games

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