Next, Mario Kart would propose a “twist on the screw” for the franchise

It’s no secret that Nintendo is making the next game from Mario kart for switches. To Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, the best-selling system to date and a non-original Wii U adaptation, followed by the augmented reality spin-off. Mario Kart Live: home track.

What number would the next follow? Mario kart there is still the doubt. The most logical thing is that it «Mario kart 9«Some sources cite this Home track counted as the ninth numerical delivery. On the other hand is Mario Kart Tour for cell phones. So you would treat the new project asMario kart 10«.

However, There are other names that would be mixed up, and among them one “Mario Kart Crossroads” stands out.

There’s a reason for that, and it’s a big turning point for the franchise. Mario kart. According to Serkan Toto – Kantan Games Analyst – in an article for Gamesindustry, Mario kart 9 It’s in active development (nothing really difficult to predict). On the other hand a ‘Insider’ with a history of rumors that turned out to be true suggests multiple IPs would meet in the next Mario kart.

That means next to other series Super Mario they would take part in the races. As is the case with Link The legend of Zelda and the villagers of Deer crossing in the eighth part. Let’s imagine a “smash kart” to get an idea of ​​the next big step in the franchise. It is the natural order behind the continuous achievements of Mario kart as the best-selling game for Wii, 3DS, Wii U and Switch.

The possibilities for this are endless, but it could mean Princess Zelda takes the helm, Samus Aran turns her ship into a land vehicle, Captain Falcon takes revenge for the absence of F-zerothat Pikachu learns to drive and until Kirby steals the driving skills of the other racing drivers with his wild strength.

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