New version of WhatsApp comes with lots of new features!

WhatsApp has tested many functions. After all, you need to keep users interested. So there was more news. That said, we have a new interface for the contacts window, new options for disappearing messages and improvements for multiple devices in the new version of WhatsApp.

New version of WhatsApp comes with lots of new features!

Many of the improvements have already been spotted in some analysis done on APK files. However, they are only now reaching everyone in the beta version. First of all, as already mentioned, we have a new interface for the contact window. It is true that this seeped into a select few even before this release. However, the publication is much more widespread.

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The other novelty relates to messages that disappear. It was something that came to Android and iOS last year, but with some caveats. We now have more control over the operation. We can choose an expiration date within 90 days, 7, 24 hours or switch the function off.

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But there is still something new. If we use the multi-device function, WhatsApp will no longer send notifications of the security code change when the device list is updated. This is something that can get pretty annoying.

All of these changes are present in WhatsApp Remember, you need to be in the beta to access it. You can register for this program here if there are places available.

This platform is becoming more and more complete. That said, we were able to transfer conversations from iOS to Android and encrypt the backups. In other words, everything is even safer.

But there is another innovation in the new version of WhatsApp …

In July, WhatsApp started adding support for multiple devices. A function that has been in demand for many years. However, this was only accessible to a few. Now this news is already reaching the majority of WhatsApp users, as the WaBetainfo website reveals.

For some, great news from WhatsApp is already active!

Previously, we had to manually sign up for the beta program in order to use this feature. No longer. Everything runs automatically and we now have access to the multi-device function.

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In practice, multi-device support allows users to access WhatsApp on other devices without having the main smartphone connected to the internet. Users can connect up to 4 different devices other than smartphones. This means that we cannot yet use the same WhatsApp account on more than one smartphone. However, you can do this on computers.

But that’s not the only new addition to WhatsApp. We will also have the community function.

According to WABetaInfo, the community function should give group administrators more control. An example of this is the ability to create groups within groups. In practice, this is how channels are organized in Discord.

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In addition, administrators can also send a link to the community and invite other elements. It is not clear how these chats will work. However, the WaBetaInfo website reveals that they are encrypted end-to-end.

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