New Ford Mondeo comes with a 27-inch screen!

The Ford Mondeo was once one of the most coveted and famous models of the giant Ford. After all, this car has always had good dimensions, enough to accommodate large families and still carry a lot of luggage in the rear. Something that kept it on the market for a long time at an attractive price.

So now we have photos of the fifth generation Ford Mondeo!

new ford mondeo

These photos were posted on the website of the Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. With the date for the start of deliveries together with the approval of the photos. For interested parties, deliveries will begin in the second quarter of 2022.

new ford mondeo

The new Ford Mondeo may never make it to the European market!

Yes, read well. Apparently, the giant Ford does not plan to bring the car to the European market. It is now almost an exclusive car for the Chinese market and is even produced together with the Chinese company Changan.

All in all we’ve made design changes, but some lines are clearly recognizable with so-called details of the Ford ST-Line series. In front of you has a new grid with octagonal shape, Full LED headlights thinner with a Light bar on the hood. new daylight and even one new front bumper.

At the rear, the changes were also made with a design a touch of Brother Mustangafter any changes to the car.

new ford mondeo

As for the interior, we now have a new one digital cockpit consisting of a 12.3-inch screen and the big news. we have you nowm huge 27-inch screen for this generation’s entertainment system.

In short, despite the usual name, the new Ford Mondeo will bring a lot of news. However, its availability is still limited and Europe does not appear to be part of the plans for the time being.

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