New episodes of Dragon Ball Super could appear this year

We have been hearing rumors about him since 2019 back from Dragonball great with new consequences. Unfortunately, this was just food for YouTubers, but the franchise founded by Akira Toriyama is currently announcing a project. Dragon Ball Super: superhero is the next film with Goku and the Z warriors. Here you can see the latest information and the new trailer.

After the premiere of Dragon Ball Super: Broly For three years now, Bird Studio / Shueisha has been the owner of the sleeve. In case of Anime from Toei Animation, Broly counted as a continuation of Dragonball great. The next film to be released Dragon Ball Super: superhero, is again an original story that follows Goku and his friends a few years later, considering that Pan is no longer a baby.

Dragonball great marked the return in the form of these signs and was widely accepted by the public. After completing the “Universal Survival” arc and the “Tournament of Power” between the universes, the series has ended to this day. But the sleeve introduced new villains known as Moro and Granolah and brought a new transformation to the Saiyan prince, Vegeta.

Here’s what fans hope to see in new episodes of adapted Dragonball great. As reported by Comicbook, Akio Iyoku, member of the team at Dragon ball and specialist in the series, the fans hinted at Opportunity in addition to superhero Let’s have a bigger surprise this year. Few believe this without giving any further information Dragonball great could come back in 2022.

From February 18-19, 2022, Bandai Namco will again host the “Dragon Ball Games Battle Hour” event. As the name suggests, it will be dedicated to the games in the franchise. But we will also add new information about that Movie Dragon Ball Super: superhero and we hope for new news about it Anime.

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