Netflix: watch out! Account approval will end in 2022!

Update 04/01/2022: The warning also appears on national territory! – No one is new to sharing Netflix accounts! The company itself knows that users love this practice and so far has done little or nothing to end the “program”. But that could change in 2022!

In fact, we had already seen some “warnings” from the streaming giant in 2021, indicating that the sharing strategy could suffer a bit in the near future.

But let’s work in parts!

Netflix: Account Sharing? The plan is coming to an end!

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After March, some Netflix users came up with a “warning screen” during a test drive for an account sharing hunt system. In December 2021, we had a new warning screen in Italy, which seems less of a joke and more of a preparation for the future. Now read:

“If you don’t live with the account owner, you must have your own account to keep watching Netflix. is this your account? We will send you a confirmation code. “

Will this be the end of sharing? So so!

If Netflix really wants it, stopping your account sharing isn’t that complicated. But it seems the company will prefer to take a slightly gentler path. Also because, as you can imagine, the public’s reaction would be extremely negative if the company attempted to aggressively conduct bans and “bans”, which is clearly undesirable for the largest streaming platform in the world.

So ultimately, verification will very likely become a reality. Which in turn makes sharing a little more boring. We’ll have users who have accounts who get annoyed about messages asking for codes and, on the other hand, of course, users who are just as annoyed that they have to ask someone else for the code.

None of this is going to lead to “bans” or whatever, but it will get people’s minds that the sharing really will end soon.

However, this was just another Netflix test. At least for the time being, you can still approve your account.

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