Netflix: The Secret Codes for Accessing Christmas Content!

Netflix has a huge library of movies and series. In fact, there are so many productions that some sometimes go unnoticed. So that nothing is missing for Christmas, Netflix has a list of secret codes that you can use to access all of the Christmas productions, which are divided into categories.

Netflix: The Secret Codes for Accessing Christmas Content!

Despite the different categories of Christmas, there isn’t as much variety as there is in the Halloween films. Still, there are a few options.

Everything is done via the addressÚMERO. Note that the word number must be replaced with the codes below. All so that you can access alternative genres that would otherwise not be available.

netflix secret codes christmas

So let’s get to the code list:

If we want to see Christmas movies from the 90s for the whole family, we have to use the code 1476024. They are, without a doubt, the classics.

However, for those who have kids, a good option is to check out the Christmas movie list for kids and the whole family. The code 1474017 must be used for this. You can also use this link.

netflix secret codes christmas

The code 1474015 leads us straight to the Christmas Comedies category. It’s definitely fun.

At the same time we have a category dedicated to Christmas for children. The code is 1726277.

On the other hand, the code 1395703 leads us to Christmas cartoons for television. 1395700 is about Christmas comedies on television.

netflix secret codes christmas

We now also have a light Christmas film section for the whole family. The code is 1475066.

But there are more codes worth trying out:

Christmas Light Films – 1418977

Happy Family Celebrations – 81351538

Christmas favorites – 107985

Christmas laughs – 393181

Romance in the shoe – 394388

A Badly Behaved Christmas – 81354837

Romantic Christmas Movies – 1394527

Spirituality and Belief – 26835

Bizarre Christmas – 2300975

These codes are undoubtedly a way to have a lot of varied content to watch this Christmas and there is no shortage of animation for all of the elements in this family.

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