Netflix: New Squid Game Video Scares Users!

Squid Game was a real phenomenon. In fact, this was and is the case, and that’s why it’s always surprising fans. Now Netflix has shared a new video from the Squid Game universe that takes the game of the Chinese monkey to a much more scary level and the doll itself that leaves no one indifferent.

Netflix: New Squid Game Video Scares Users!

When looking at the pictures, the thought occurs to us that this is just a video with some scenes from the first episode. But in reality there is much more to it than that. So that we don’t spoil the effect of the video, we’ll show it first and then explain what it’s about.

In fact, if we think people are going to be crushed by the doll and nothing else, it starts to get off the screen and frighten us bravely.

It turns out to have some similarities with the movie The Ring.

Video squid game

However, this content was not developed by Netflix, but by a designer named Jake Fellman. He’s played with several Squid Game games, but with some very interesting details that they mix with some horror movies.

Aside from Squid Game, we now have another production that can have the same effect. Hellbound is the new Korean series from Netflix and it promises to take us to Hell in the most modern way possible.

Netflix: This series from the land of Squid Game takes us to Hell!

Video squid game

The new Netflix series Hellbound begins with a seemingly nervous man sitting in a coffee shop. However, when the clock shows 1:20 p.m., there is a loud bang in the distance. At this point, three monsters appear and leave the man in ashes. Meanwhile, Jung Jinsu (the president of The New Truth) claims that angels are sent to earth to judge those who have sinned because God wants the world to be just. The story adds biblical fantasy events to the mix to instantly attract the audience.

On the sidelines stands detective Kyunghun, who is skeptical of this phenomenon.

Video squid game

In practice, Hellbound proposes a first story of faith versus truth, all in six major chapters.

A series that is quickly addicting.

It’s hard not to get addicted to Hellbound. Because we are facing an attractive and addicting concept. Besides, the arrival of the angels will always move us. But the big plus is that Hellbound relies on an original supernatural story, forcing viewers to question the validity of claims that these events belong to the will of God.

Video squid game

It is not known exactly what will happen to Hellbound. However, it has all the elements to rival Kingdom on an equal footing. In the meantime, and to keep users interested, everything will change when we get to the middle of the series and this will surprise many.

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