Neither trick nor treatment: that is the Bordalás seal

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Halloween evening and horror film for Villarreal. On the other hand, it turned out to be scary for Valencia. After speaking of a change in “habits”, a euphemism about the need to immerse yourself in the physical and clench your teeth, Bordalás was clear. Neither trick nor treatment or nonsense: the technician has doubled the bet in his notebook.

Instead of letting the clock slip by, it was with the insistence on his seal that he got the game on point. It started just before the break when Cillessen pulled out a miraculous hand and Guillamón’s goal fell two minutes later. After a first act with tight lines, Mestalla left Parejo clapping. And everything was in the air. The ex-captain, completely misguided, didn’t even come back from the locker room. Despite the doubts and the consequences of adding three points out of 21, the bad streak was not cut out of the game but cut from the back, right where the rift was.

Bordalás had no choice but to beat the key at a time when expectations were still driven by injuries and individual mistakes. Despite the fact that both Paulista and Racic were touched again, and Thierry did it with tears, the bad version of the previous days gave way to a good collective response. Eight minutes were added but it could have been double and Emerys still wouldn’t have scored a goal. There was only one team with clear ideas and that was Valencia.

However, the trees of triumph must not prevent you from seeing the forest. Shackled by the need to recapitalize the workforce more, It is so true that Bordalás is a victim of this uncertainty, despite being signed upon requestSince everyday life cannot be separated from the guidelines of the accommodation, neither in good nor in bad times. TO In contrast to Javi Gracia, the Alicante is not a punch bag. But in this streak of bad luck, he has seen in his flesh how the pressure can increase if the results do not materialize. Conclusions and lessons must be drawn not to step backwards.

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