Natalie Portman pays tribute to Jean-Marc Vallée

Natalie Portman paid tribute to Jean-Marc Vallée after his sudden death.

Natalie Portman pays tribute to Jean-Marc Vallée

Natalie Portman pays tribute to Jean-Marc Vallée

The two have worked together on the TV miniseries “Lady in the Lake” for the past few months, and Natalie is devastated by his sudden death from a suspected heart attack during the holiday season.

Natalie, 40, posted a picture of Jean-Marc on her Instagram story and wrote: “Losing this great man is devastating. I’ve been fortunate to have worked with him as a producer for the past few months and I’ve been constantly moved by his kindness, attention and soul.

“A rare person. A massive loss. My thoughts are with his family and loved ones. “

Natalie is the youngest in a long line of Hollywood stars to pay tribute to the talented director and producer after he was found dead in his cabin outside of Quebec City, Canada.

Reese Witherspoon posted a picture of herself with her ‘Wild’ and ‘Big Little Lies’ directors on Instagram and wrote, “My heart is broken. My friend. I love you.”

Shailene Woodley wrote, “I’m in shock. Complete and utter shock. My goddamn god’s death is the worst. But I guess somehow I know you’re going to make a great adventure out of this, one for the books. One that I can’t wait to read and see when my time comes.

“It doesn’t make sense, dude. It makes no sense. When we wake up tomorrow, you might laugh and say that you made a satirical short film. That it is not real. “

And her ‘Big Little Lies’ co-star Laura Dern said, “Beautiful Jean-Marc Vallee. The world has lost one of our greatest and purest artists and dreamers. And we lost our beloved friend. Our hearts are broken. “

The Canadian writer, producer, editor and director’s groundbreaking feature film was ‘CRAZY’, which he wrote and directed and was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Editing for ‘Dallas Buyers Club’ in 2014, which also featured Matthew McConaughey and Jared Leto Filmed the main and supporting actor gongs at the Academy Awards, Golden Globes, and Screen Actors Guild Awards.

And Matthew called the filmmaker a “true recipient”.

In addition to a black and white photo of them together, he wrote in his Instagram story: “With a gentle hand and heart, Jean-Marc was a true recipient – he didn’t romanticize life so much, but saw life as romantic – from fight to the pain to wink and whisper, love stories were everywhere in his eye. “

Matthews co-star Jared also offered some kind words for a “true artist”, opening up how life changing the movie was for him.

He said, “A filmmaker and a true artist who changed my life with a beautiful film called the Dallas Buyers Club. Greetings to everyone who knew him. Life is precious.”

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