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Nancy Ann Travis was born on September 21, 1961 in New York City, USA and is an actress, perhaps best known for her role as Vanessa Baxter on the television series “Last Man Standing”. She also starred in numerous films including Fluke, Three Men and a Baby, Internal Affairs and So I Married an Ax Murderer. All of her efforts have helped make her fortune what it is today.

How rich is Nancy Travis? As of mid-2017, Sources estimate a net worth of $ 3 million, largely made through a successful acting career in which she has been in television and films since the 1980s. She has also worked in the theater and if she continues her career, her wealth is likely to keep growing.


Nancy Travis is worth $ 3 million


After graduating from high school, Nancy found her first acting opportunity in “It’s Hard to Be a Jude,” a production by the American Jewish Theater. Her stage career continued with “Brighton Beach Memoirs”, “Aven U-Boys” and “King of Connecticut” and then led to her first Broadway production entitled “I’m Not Rappaport” and also starred in “My Children.” “With, My Africa“. At the time, she also found acting opportunities in commercials and became part of ads for Levi’s Jeans and Twinkies.

In addition to the stage, Nancy also got the chance to appear in various films. One of her first appearances was in “Three Men and a Baby” and the sequel, “Three Men and a Little Lady”. She was the wife of Andy Garcia in the movie “Internal Affairs” and appeared next to Kiefer Sutherland in “The Vanishing”, then in “Greedy” with Michael J. Fox and “Destiny Turns on the Radio”. In 1996 she played with Whoopi Goldberg in the comedy “Bogus” and then continued her career with “Running Mates” and “Auggie Rose”. Her recent films include “The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants” and “The Jane Austen Book Club,” and she also starred with Robert Downey Jr. in the film “Chaplin”.

For television, Travis appeared in “Fallen Angels” and then starred in “Almost Perfect,” which ran from 1995 to 1997. In 1999 she starred and produced Work with Me, which, however, only lasted four episodes. In 2002 she starred in Rose Red, an adaptation of the Stephen King novel of the same name. From 2007 to 2009 she appeared on “The Bill Engvall Show” before becoming part of “Safe Harbor”. Nancy has also appeared in a number of television films and has guest appearances on popular shows such as “How I Met Your Mother”, “Grey’s Anatomy” and “Desperate Housewives”. Her latest series is “Last Man Standing,” which aired in 2011.

Travis has also tried her hand at voice acting and has given her voice to various cartoon series such as “Duckman”, “The Wild Thornberrys” and “Superman”.

For her personal life, Nancy married Robert N. Fried in 1994 and they have two sons; one of her sons appeared with her in the short film “Sally” written by Robert.

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