More than a thousand brands will take part in CyberMonday 2021

Users can see products from 13 categories, including Electro and Techno, Travel, Furniture, Home and Deco, Clothing and Footwear, Food and Beverages, Cosmetics and Beauty, and Babies and Children.

The more than a thousand brands participating in the three-day special e-commerce discounts, CyberMonday, expect to increase unit sales by at least 70% compared to the same event in November 2020, and see a paramount role of interest. free financing or in fixed installments.

“Everything that comes in installments, with no interest or fixed installments, is highly valued and well received by consumers”; The institutional head of the Argentine Chamber of Electronic Commerce (CACE), Gustavo Sambucetti, whose body is the organizer of CyberMonday, which will be officially extended between November 1st and 3rd, said in an interview with Télam.

CACE Sales Campaign Manager Lorena González also highlighted the participation of 1,035 brands, 200 of which are doing so for the first time, and that this Cybermonday has 26% more companies in the provinces than in the 2020 event.

Users can see products from 13 categories: electro and techno; Travel; Furniture, living and decoration; Clothes and shoes; Sport and fitness; To eat and drink; Cosmetics and beauty; Automobile; Babies and children; Entrepreneur; Services; Solidarity and miscellaneous.

The diverse offer ranges from fiber optic cables to beer, services for the car and body creams, as well as building materials – panels and floors, faucets, power tools and paints – and the inevitable air conditioning, which with the recent heat wave already had a sales increase of 20% the 3,300 and 2,600 watt devices, said Cetrogar Marketing Director Juan Manuel Almeida.

You estimate sales growth

From the platform Cloud storage stated that the companies participating in the event “had sales growth of more than 74% – compared to the CyberMonday 2020 -and overcome the barrier of 800,000 products sold ”.

Online shopping had made its giant leap in the year of the pandemic, with consumers heavily engaging in a modality that was the only way to maintain health security.

Special events with discounts on items and services such as CyberMonday or Hot Sale have also been appreciated by consumers, who additionally do a follow-up before the event to ensure that the product or service to be purchased has the discount that is promoting.

In the last week leading up to CyberMonday, “sales fell 5% compared to the previous week, while the abandoned cart percentage increased from 57% to 62% from one week to the next,” according to data from TiendaNube.

They stated that “users perform product searches, simulate the purchase, but not perform to compare prices and convert effectively during discount days,” they said.

Live shopping

In this edition, the CACE organized live streaming sessions called “Live Shopping”, during which the participating brands can show their products in a high-quality broadcast and ask live consumers questions in a chat.

In turn, cybersecurity companies recommended “not lowering vigilance” and paying attention to recommendations so as not to get caught in “fake stores,” noted Eset Latin America computer security researcher Martina Lopez.

Among the recommendations that they highlighted Make sure the URL of the website you want to make an online payment from starts with https: // or has the padlock on the left; and in the case of CyberMonday, enter the participating sites from the CACE website. This is usually the best way to make sure the site they’re on is the real one (

As always, the edition presents nine traditional articles, plus categories such as Entrepreneurs, which had a positive effect on the number of operations in this year’s hot sale.

opinion poll

A study by Ipsos, which was carried out for Google Argentina, found that 42% of online consumers in Argentina said they had made more purchases on digital channels in the past year.

At the local level, at least 36% of the Argentines surveyed said they would shop up to three months before the date during CyberMonday, and in particular 92% of the Argentines surveyed expect to shop in the food and beverage category, 84% in home care and cleaning ; and the same percentage for apparel and accessories.

79% expect discounts in the personal care category, 69% will do the same for shoes, and 46% expect to buy cell phones, according to Ipsos.

Google Argentina Retail Commercial Director Evangelina Suárez said that going forward, “the key is to strike a balance between physical and online stores and sales services as Argentine consumers search, research and buy through multiple channels.” (Telam)

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