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Mitzi Saidel, born July 25, 1930, is an American club owner who came to be known as Mitzi Shore as the owner of and is home to The Comedy Store, a Los Angeles comedy club that has become the home of many great Hollywood comics by stars like Jay Leno, David Letterman and Jim Carrey.

What is Shore’s net worth? It is believed to have earned over $ 20 million by mid-2017, according to authoritative sources, from her years owning The Comedy Store and founder of Comedy Channel Inc. in the early 1970s and 1980s, respectively.


Mitzi Shore net worth of $ 20 million


Born in Marinette, Wisconsin, Shore entered the world of comedy through her husband, Sammy Shore, a comedian. Sammy and fellow comedian Rudy DeLuca bought the physical facility that used to be the Ciro nightclub. The two turned it into a comedy club with 99 seats in 1972. In 1974 the Shores divorced and Mitzi got the club under the divorce settlement. In 1976 Shore was able to buy the entire building and convert the comedy store to accommodate 450 people.

Shore became the “parent” of all comedians who came through the Comedy Store. Some who started out at the club include Robin Williams, Jay Leno, David Letterman, Chevy Chase, Jim Carrey, Joey Diaz, and many more. The club’s success has helped tremendously in their wealth.

Unfortunately, Shore’s strict rules in running the club also affected her business. After other comedy clubs like The Improv and the Laugh Factory emerged, their competition grew, but Shore refused to update the club. She refused to even serve food or engage in other activities such as television and the media.

In 1979, Shore also suffered some backlash from her comedians as she refused to pay them every time they performed at the club. She claims that the club was her “College of Comedy,” where hundreds of people were exposed to learning and perfecting their craft, but the comedians decided to demonstrate the club and demand payment, and even stars like Leno and Letterman attended. After a couple of weeks, Shore gave in and started paying comics $ 15 a set.

Despite the challenges of The Comedy Store, Shore was also known for pushing boundaries in the comedy world. She became known for hosting a show in the club’s Belly Room that only allowed female comics to appear. Their unconventional booking policy was unknown in the 70s and 80s, as comedy was known to be dominated by men at the time. In addition to hosting shows for women only, she later also created theme nights with gay, lesbian and Latin American performers.

In 1982 Shore expanded the comedy store by forming Comedy Channel Inc., which was formed to record and sell the video recordings of the comics in the club. Her income from her other endeavors also added to her wealth.

Today Shore has Parkinson’s disease and her financial affairs are run by one of her sons, Peter. Talks about the filming of her life story are also ongoing.

In terms of her personal life, Shore was married to Sammy Shore, but their marriage ended in divorce in 1975. They have four sons, one of whom Peter runs the club today.

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